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There was one when I tried out the HTC Incredible.
What? And get a spontaneously rebooting, crappy browsing, malicious-code-harboring EVO? Been there, done that.Oh yeah - how's that 8 megapixel video treating ya?
They're out bashing the iPhone 4 because that's all they have. How's that 8 megapixel camera going for ya?
The higher number is always better, eh? You're the kind of consumer that companies just love...
The EVO I'm testing isn't too bad at phone calls when it isn't spontaneously rebooting...
No. It will be held at the FedEx facility until released for delivery on the 24th. A similar thing happened last year with the 3GS.
Apple is updating hardware that gets rolled out once a year, not every month or so like the Android phones. Hardly playing catchup.
Well, seeing how I've had vitrectomies in both eyes and have had both retinas lasered to death, I figure that the new iPhone 4 will match my retina's resolution just fine.
You forgot, "Why doesn't my right speaker work?"
It's Spacely Space Sprockets vs Cogswell Cogs all over again.
New Posts  All Forums: