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Respectfully disagree. In a side-by-side test of my 4S and my S IIII, with the same screen showing in the stock browsers, the display on the S III looked yellow and somewhat washed out compared to the display on my 4S. Text was sharper on the 4S and easier to read with better contrast. The display on my iPhone 5 is even better than that.I'm 56, and have had several eye surgeries in both eyes, so I doubt that I have any vision advantages over anyone here.
Isn't it strange how tests are always "biased" when it's your side that loses out?
Shall we visit any Android forum and ask the same question in reverse?
Checkmate DaHarder.
Having owned both of these phones myself, I much prefer the iPhone 5's display over that of the S III. Both displays are nice, but even compared to the display of my 4S, the S III's display looked yellow and a bit washed out, especially when browsing. Text was crisper as well on the iPhone. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear, but that's my experience, having owned both phones as well.
Wasn't this the plant that makes the backplates for the iPhone 5?
What cosmetic damage? My iPhone 5 arrived in flawless condition. Stop reading small-sample internet forums.
I particularly enjoyed that video at about 5:08 where he refers to the S III's case as "cheap plastic."
Frankly, I don't give a Dan. 
Alienating the older crowd (me) isn't such a good idea, either. 
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