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IIRC, Apple always releases sales numbers after the weekend.
As the Android fan dumps his 4.3" "iPhone killer" for the next 4.8" "iPhone killer" and then has to buy a new case for it while he awaits the next "iPhone killer." Talk about playing catch-up.
As weird as it sounds, I compared the screen of the Galaxy S III to that of  my 4S in a browser window (same web page) and I could actually read the type on my 4S easier. The Galaxy's screen, though larger, seemed more "yellow" to me and the fonts, though readable, didn't have the same crispness of those on my 4S.
Let the world burn. :)
  I hope so. I remember the iPhone 4 preorder. I stopped trying to get through to Apple's site at around 9 am. I went to a movie (I think it was The A-Team) and returned around 4 pm. I got the new iPhone ordered about an hour later, but it got delivered on time.
AT&T's "big event" is their servers crashing.
"Whatever happened to inconspicuous?" - Roy Scheider in "Blue Thunder."
Yes. Get some sleep! I'm on the east coast! Ack! :)
When Apple sneezes, everyone rushes for a Kleenex.
I think most people buy Android phones in the stores.  
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