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How were his suggestions destructive/non-logical?
Well, I live in Maryland and AT&T's service is fantastic for me here...
When my girlfriend flew out to see me in February (I'm in the DC area), she was pointing out to me all the people who were using iPhone. Frankly, it surprised and shocked me at how prevalent the iPhone is in my neck of the woods.
True. I can't begin to tell you how many Verizon users I know that can't wait for the iPhone to come to their carrier. I realize that's not a valid sampling, but there most be a lot of folks on Verizon wanting the iPhone.
Along with: ProSwitch for on-the-fly app switching Backgrounder - background tasks iRealSMS - in-app texting SBSettings - quick status bar access to most commonly used iPhone settings And so many more apps that Apple won't approve but make using the iPhone so much easier and more efficient.
I find that a lot of people don't read any more. They also don't know very much about word origins, which is a shame. I guess it's a sign of the times.
It's still around, along with no caps.
And video recording!
Not to mention that folks won't be upgrade-eligible in April...
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