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To me, the third pic makes it look more like a Mini.
I already thought about this. I borrowed a friend's 6" LG Flex for a few minutes and put it in my pocket, walking around and sitting in my car. For me, the size won't be an issue.
We haven't seen any 4" parts leaks yet.
ANALyst? I like that. Never heard that one before.
Yes, it is. Where did you learn to spell like that?  j/k!
 No thanks. Besides the suck-ass bass-heavy sound, they would be too pastel for me.
That's strange. My original iPhone, 3 and 3G were all great phones as far as phones go. I think the later phones are worse.
I thought I'd heard the last of that song when I heard it on Luci's Toyshop in Ohio back in the 60s. 
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