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When you have to explain a bad joke twice, you've failed. At least try to be a mediocre troll. Also, my right what? Hand? Foot? Eye?
You really are a one-trick pony, aren't you, son?
It doesn't matter, Samsung. When Apple announces a health platform, it'll be all over the news and no one will remember you. When Apple sneezes, the media rushes to get a Kleenex. Get used to it.
They would certainly wipe out the competition.
With the Wizards out, there are no playoffs in DC right now. Did you mean payoffs?
And then Apple will sell a billion iPhone 6's and the analysts will scratch their pointy heads.
They've both just been told they're not getting reserved parking slots at the Spaceship.
Does it also delay Facebook posting until you're done driving in North Carolina?
Agreed. I remember all the speculation about the name of the iPhone 5.
They weren't wondering about the original iPhone back in 1997, either. I'd imagine that the iPhone has a much bigger user base than the Mac Pro. Just a wild guess.  
New Posts  All Forums: