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It was hard to tell.
You're joking, right? I'm sure the headphone jack and lightning port will be the same size. 3D renderings are probably not the most accurate models to go by.
Agreed. Fit and finish can make a drastic difference in one's perception of a device. If the 4.7" iPhone 6 is indeed true, I'm anxious to see the finished product!
Keep in mind that this is a 3D rendering, not the final production model.
Thank you, Sir Richard.
No way! I was told it wasn't possible!
I can't help it if you tend to be close-minded. Building a fingerprint sensor into a screen is not possible? Carry on.
Airplanes. Cars. Modern Surgery. Landing on other planets. Buying stuff online. Nope. Not possible. Sure glad we never tried to do these things.
I agree. The media would eviscerate Apple. And as for releasing an iPhone with a larger screen, that would put the old kibosh on the "The Next Big Thing Is Here" mantra.
Agreed. No one in their right mind would produce a round flash enclosure.
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