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Yes, it is. Where did you learn to spell like that?  j/k!
 No thanks. Besides the suck-ass bass-heavy sound, they would be too pastel for me.
That's strange. My original iPhone, 3 and 3G were all great phones as far as phones go. I think the later phones are worse.
I thought I'd heard the last of that song when I heard it on Luci's Toyshop in Ohio back in the 60s. 
Heh - "ANALyst" is getting almost as irritating as "First!"
I remember Herman Munster. Does that count?
This was a wonderful gesture of goodwill, but let's also admit that it was great marketing as well.
I wasn't aware that the robots would have, er, such needs.
The Pangu jailbreak works fine with 7.1.2.
New Posts  All Forums: