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I want one too, but I think it will wait until the broadwell chips are available which should help lower power GPU performance for pushing a high res screen.
Well all we know for sure is that if the rumors are true, this will either be a monumental advance in smartphone tech (unlikely) or ONE BIG GIMMICK (very likely). Only time will tell...
Just like in the case of Nvidia and Icera, I'm sure Apple will end up (or already has?) buying a fabless semiconductor firm with the necessary experience and IP and supplement it with these other hires. At the time when they purchased PA semi, no one expected them to have the best performing, custom core ARM chip on the market in only a few years. I'd imagine the baseband challenge will follow in the same line....
  Yeah, I tend to comment around... I also use "Loosely Coupled" on a lot of sites, so if you ever see that, its me :)
Ha, thanks for the mention, @SolipsismX .You are actually one of the few rationally-minded regulars who I remember around here. Due to a change in employment, I have been less involved with Apple technology and so haven't been real active on the forums. But Apple products still hold a special place in my heart, so I'll be around...Btw, are you the solipsism on sites like Arstechnica/TheVerge/Anandtech?
Can an audio engineer or someone else who is qualified please comment on a few things: It seems like the audio quality debate perpetually rages on the internet, with one group who thinks 256kbps AAC is just as good as lossless tracks, while the other end of the spectrum you have people collecting 24-bit, 96/192hz Super audio CD/DVD-Audio files. 1) will 20/24-bit sampling actually make a perceptible difference to anyone using headphones or speakers that weren't >...
And why exactly wouldn't she immediately notice the phone under her rear end and take it out of her pants pocket?
The patent sounds like basic functions for out of order execution, and I have to believe that just about every modern microprocessor would implement this same thing. Can someone knowledgable with this issue comment? Is this a widely recognized patent that Apple just won't license but Intel/AMD/ARM/Qualcomm/et al have?
Yes, because you are not very good at using sarcasm effectively....
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