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I myself am waiting for Nehalem (chips after Penryn - new architecture replaces "Core"). Penryn looks like a farily good upgrade and all, but if you only upgrade every 3 years or so, and are planning on buying an expensive high-end machine, I think it'll definitely be worth the wait for Nehalem. These chips should be out in Q4 2008 for desktop, and Q1 2009 for laptop.Here's a preliminary list of benefits of Nehalem over Penryn/Core 2. Of course some of these may change...
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Is that why 14 year olds routinely have Core 2 Duos doing over 3.8 Ghz and Intel's skull trail platform was previewed most recently at 5.0ghz with phase cooling?Also IBM's Power6 chips run natively at 4.7Ghz with no water cooling and prototypes have reached 6Ghz.If Barcelona was kicking Intel's ass clock for clock and running at 3.1Ghz, you think the Penryn release table would look the same? I mean seriously, do you really think that?
Google's rss reader for iPhone/touch is great. And you can read a website at a time or a whole list with their stories intermixed. The best part is that when u click on a story it takes you to the actual appleinsider.com page BUT it is reformatted to fit the screen. Its the best.
You are shouting the same old "its business" yada yada.... That does not excuse anyone of personal and corporate responsibility to adhere to ethical and honest practices, period. It's just like the "but it's not illegal" crowd. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right, and doesn't make it ethical. abusive husband: "It's your fault. You knew I wasn't the nicest guy in the world before we got married, and now you're complaining that I beat the shit out of you?" bad...
Are CSS-animation and CSS-transform part of CSS3? I really hope they are not going down the non-standard road.. God forbid it's hard enough as it is with the different rendering engines/browsers and their quirks... but a new native getElementsByClassName function?? SWEEEEEET. I've always thought this was such a PITA to not have in spidermonkey..
the patent system is so fucked up. It seems very simple to resolve, and one which would save a ton of money in the courts even if it had large initial costs. This is my admittedly patent system-ignorant idea: When you apply for a patent, it gets initially reviewed by a screener for basic validity, correct filing, etc. If given the go-ahead it gets review by a 3-person panel of experts that have experience in a similar/related field as that of the application. They would...
Apparently you have a perspective as biased as the rest, cause all I can see is fanboy bullshit.Linux is completely different animal because you can assemble your own version of the OS with only the parts you need. You are free to basically create what you want and how you want it. Don't like the UI or desktop? change it. Want to change a feature that annoys you? just remove it from the code. etc.You are as short-sighted and deluded as most of the apple fanboys! Name a...
$20 for unlimited WAP BROWSING? That's ****** TEXT ONLY 1993 SHIT! THE WORST DEAL EVER. IS ROGERS LIVING IN THE 1980's? WTF? What the hell is going on with our neighbors to the north??? Canada even has a government agency that is responsible for competition in telecommunications, right?? You guys need to REVOLT against Rogers and Cancel ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS!
To let apple offer mobile broadband without the hassle of stocking equipment, keeping different models of the laptop, and keeping things simple for a worldwide market, it should definitely just add in the small expresscard slot.
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