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I am happy with the overall package of the Air. I think it's a beautiful piece of engineering, and what many have been looking for. I also understand the many compromises that were necessary, and for the most part agree with the design choices. There is however one point which I just cannot get past. It's unbelievable to me that this device's entire marketing/campaign strategy can revolve around the concept of "wireless" and "air", and yet Apple offers no convenient way...
MS has destroyed nearly every one of their acquisitions. There were times I remember seeing a new software purchase of theirs and thinking how would they screw it up! Their home grown products haven't been much better. Compared to Mac, Windows has mostly been a mess since the beginning. When Windows 95 was brand new, it seemed promising. Then they had a big mess all the way until they combined everything into XP. Now Vista is a disaster! Server 2003/2008 looks...
Yep. For other WINDOWS USERS that need to play real player files that don't want to install real players, You need to install 2 things: 1) Real Alternative - this is a codec pack for the real company formats see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_Alternative 2) Media Player Classic - this is a modern media player that is made to resemble the older, lighter, windows media player before MS bloated it to hell. see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Player_Classic I'm not...
Revenue is revenue. Why would it make any difference where the money goes once Apple receives it. The costs you talk about (software developer employees, skyhook) are there no matter if the phone ends up on contract or unlocked. You tell me which is better 1) ($400 + $15/mo*24) - X costs 2) $400 - X costs ??
why on earth would you have to "unplug/replug"? Your tv has one input? Plus look the other guy said, maybe Apple would do a passthrough feed
Where do you live? how many miles outside metro area?
I surely wouldn't say majority. I think the last survey was at about ~52% have HDTVs
"force" ? . Yeah it's called you and all the other analog broadcast people are tying up a ton of expensive and useful bandwidth due to stubbornness to join the 21st century.
although easily technically feasible (bitrate of DVDs is like 8-10mbps) WHY IN THE WORLD would someone WANT to do that? 99.9% of people who watch movies own a DVD player already connected to their TV. Why would they run to their mac to put the dvd in the drive??? That makes absolutely no logical sense.
lets see.. Sony has some of the best consumer LCDs in the market.. Is that one even debated anymore?
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