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So people in all three covered cities can use it? I know they have the iPhone with AT&T, but for just a 3G card, EVDO verizon/sprint would be the best choice by far. They have coverage EVERYWHERE now!
someone bitter?
"nothing to see here" ?? HAHAHAH! Are you seriously that shortsighted or just a HDDVD fanboy?? Of COURSE Paramount is going to publicy deny anything about them switching as that's exactly how large companies function. They don't say a word until the final moment they have everything in place to announce major news! Case in point: The weeks leading up to Warner's announcement of Blu-ray exclusivity saw them issuing denials to that rumor even up to only a few days before...
Why are you so bothered (assuming a few comments up was you too.. forgot to look) about having the ports of the Mac Pro be PCIe 2.0 ??? Is there even a video card on the market that can saturate a PCIe 1.0 x16 slot?? For that matter, is there *ANY CARD* available for the Mac Pro that would get ANY benefit from a PCIe 2.0 slot? I mean 4 gigabytes a second seems to be enough for anything that we have now. Am I missing something?
Aren't you the same person that wrote the post quoted below? If that's the case, how in the HELL can you claim to not be "drinking the kool-aid"? In addition, you are 40 years old? My god.. I was hoping to blame the laughable "its a conspiracy" post on thenaivety of adolescence.
I just pulled these price quotes off the 02 website. And people WONDER WHY they wont sell.You can get ANY of the latest smartphones packaged with free memory cards and bluetooth headsets for FREE on cheap/mid-tier 18-month contracts. Just Look at these deals they get in the UK:Nokia N95 (5MP cam) + Free 8GB SD card = FREE on £40+/mo plans (18 mo contract)LG Viewty (5MP cam) +bluetooth headset = FREE on £35+/mo plans (18 mo contrac)Nokia N81 (8GB Media slider) = FREE on...
These are TERRIBLE! Oh thank you AT&T for the "reasonable rates" for using my iPhone when I go to my aunt's house across the pond. Buying their "volume discount" package for $59.95 gets you 50 Megabytes of data = $1.20/MB.Wow, what a ******* deal. Think of all the amazing things you can do while traveling with your iphone. 1) Use this apparent yet-to-be-released Itunes "radio" service over your iPhone.. for the low, low price of $1.20/min. And they created these 'special'...
advice: don't ever use the word "thingy" If by 'optical', you mean "visible light" lithography, then no. UV is already at a smaller wavelength than visible light. You would have to go farther up the spectrum to extreme UV or soft X-ray... although I would bet the methodology would fall apart and future IC production processes will be totally unrelated to UV-litho.
Who gave you the fucking right to tell others how to speak? Words are words... You and the other guy need to get over it.
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