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Wow! This article contains enough hyperbole, false statements and plain BS to even amaze James Carney. Maybe AppleInsider should just stick to reporting Apple news and forgo commenting on Microsoft - since their bias is so blinding reality is undiscoverable.
The author would pick Google Docs and the Google Drive app based solely on Docs's ubiquity among internet users. Wow! Now there is some quality reasoning. Office runs circles around anything offered by Google and is the predominantly used application suite amongst those that need a serious productivity solution. I willing to bet Office is more ubiquitous than Google Docs/Drive.
Something is amiss. According to the IDC 82 million PC's were shipped in the last quarter (This number excludes tablets and phones.). If that is true, only 40 million or so tablets and smartphones were sold in the same quarter. I think not. No argument PC's, as a percentage of total computing devices, will continue to drop over time - mainly because more tablets and smartphones will be sold. Nevertheless, this article is fraught with misinformation. Statistics don't...
If you depend on the Verge for your financial information be prepared to be disappointed.
Personally I think the problem is Cricket not the iPhone. Most people who can afford an iPhone want to use it on a better quality cellular network than that offered by Cricket.
Totally moronic (Are you listening Walt) comparing the Surface Pro, running Windows, to an iPad. That's like comparing a Macbook running OSX to an iPad? I'll bet the Macbook Air and Pro are both heavier than an iPad also (Which it is!). Look, I have and use an Air and an iPad. I also use a 5 year old Dell desktop running Windows 8. All have their strengths and weaknesses. I can understand why someone would prefer one OS to another. But, I tire when people, who...
I don't think it is in the best long term interest for Apple or its users to depend on Google for anything.
It's great to see Apple integrating technologies that help protect consumers from the risks of using unauthorised accessories with their valuable iDevices.I'm very excited by the vast potential of lightning. Wow! Do you really believe Apple has added an authentication chip in the Lightening cable to protect consumers and their valuable advices? Couldn't be to force customers to pay at least $20.00 for an item that costs them $3.50 to build?
So, Apple has patented a rectangle.  Maybe they will sue the maker of my tile floor.
"In short, the agency model allows publishers to set content prices in exchange for a "most favored nations clause" that bars the houses from selling e-books to competing retailers at lower prices. The strategy is diametrically opposed by the "wholesale model" used by Amazon which lets resellers incentivize purchasing by offering products at below-cost prices."   The second sentence in the above quote from the article is categorically wrong.  The so-called "wholesale...
New Posts  All Forums: