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How about if Facebook fixes their bugs instead. I crash on launch within 5 seconds. Been this way for several months. I filed a bug report, to no avail. Deleted & reinstalled. Plenty of space on my phone. So bad...
Too bad this pen is tied to Adobe Cloud. I would pay $200 for the pair, but the only way I'm going to start a cloud subscription is if it's less than $10/mo. And we know it's going to cost more than that. There must have been some interesting battles inside Adobe's Marketing department, between the Sell It Standalone crowd, and the We Must Create Value For Cloud crowd. Hm. Maybe someone will jailbreak it ... :-D
AppleTV needs to evolve into an AV Receiver, with a Cable Card connection, and a Clear Qam tuner for basic cable or HD antenna. Runs AppleTV UI. Can drive wired speakers, or wireless 5:1 speakers using AirTunes. HDMI out to TV or Projector.
Sorry to be dumb, but isn't a password required for in-app purchases?
Dear Appl Insider. Have you TRIED entering comments from an iPhone? It's ghastly.
Apple won't do that until they've squeezed the carriers further.
I missed last year, but made it this year. WOO HOO!
Yes, Steve invited Larry over to discuss how to run a company. How to make great products. Steve spilled the beans from his bed, and Larry lapped it up. "Those Google Glasses are going to be insanely great, I wish we'd thought of that" Steve told Larry. And, "I only wish the AppleTV had as many features as Google TV." Larry left Steve with enough tips and ttricks to keep Google busy for a decade. ... But tucked away, hidden inside the safe of the Jobs' family...
Yes, but Panera Bread has WiFI for free. Sorry Starbucks. Panera still has my business.
This is fantastic! So, I can use Logic to make a song to use as a ringtone. Will iTunes accept that? p.s. this is a rhetorical question
New Posts  All Forums: