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 Get the point, but to be fair... I also see tons of Apple devices in movies and TV shows.
Careful with the axe Eugene... at least they have proven that the Surface CAN be used for something. For MS that is quite a leap, and I see a huge aftermarket kickstand business in their future.
 Pretty much everybody with $200 to spare for a fitness tracker would have a smartphone with GPS already... How long will this device last once you turn GPS on (somewhere it was said that it merely has 2x 100 mAh batteries, which, even with modern GPS chipsets, would give it something less than 3 hours)? This is OK if you only wear it for a run, but if you want something to wear all day, this is not it.
 Why? Apple's HealthKit approach is what everybody is copying (as far as infrastructure goes), and Cook would not have publicly worn FitBit and Nike stuff, if they were to go for utilitarian devices like this one and many others on the hardware side. The Apple Watch is a completely different type of device, not a late one. Just like the iPod was an affordable luxury version of MP3 players at that time and succeeded despite a much higher price point and being late to the...
Well, the good news is that, scanning news from all over Europe, there are tons of banks very openly announcing interest in Apple Pay. I fully expect this to travel the world much faster than anything that is dependent on approvals by music and film companies.
Hm, has anybody pointed out the little surprise on the back panel... I can't remember they've mentioned it was 'Assembled in the USA'?
Not trying to cook up a conspiracy theory, but there is a lot more fishy here. All these 'analysts' hyping the stock, making 'factual' statements about Apple using their products despite zero logic (using sapphire displays, Apple might have had 1 million devices at $1200 and up for the first weekend, not 10 million at their current price)... I would not be concerned if they would have done the usual thing, that's crying doom whatever Apple does. But hyping something...
I sure did. I have submitted almost 150 bug reports since DP1, almost 30 of them for iTunes 12. While most 10.10 issues have cleared up, I do not see any real progress with iTunes, performance wise it keeps getting worse with every update. ITunes 11 killed WiFI syncing reliability, their target for 12 seems to be to make its complete slouch in every regard. Whoever is still on iTunes 10.x should really think twice before upgrading, it was the last good version.
 My setup mainly consists of a Mini Server in the closet with a Pegasus ThunderBolt RAID 6 keeping the iTunes library (plus my main Aperture library). So yes, I access a Shared Library constantly, and no, the newest beta does still not show playlists from it (also does not show playlists from attached iDevices). But, just for clarity, as far as my performance related comments are concerned, I did try hooking up the RAID to my testing Retina MBP directly (with Spotlight...
If there is one thing Schmidt learned in North Korea, it is believing your own damn lies. They might have a vacancy soon.
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