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 Hm, since 3D Touch is implemented through sensors in the backlight measuring the distance from the screen (at least that was what they said in the video), I do not get that connection. Having no idea myself, I am simply assuming that the combination of 7000 series alumin(i)um and the stronger glass (Double Ion-X-DOHC-GTi whatever) is to blame. Don't know if this is a reaction to that bendgate crap, but using the investments made into developing the metal for the Watch...
 There is some split between Samsung and TSMC with Samsung getting the majority of orders (if rumors are correct). Samsung uses 14 nm FinFET and TSMC is using 16 nm  FinFET. No idea if there are indeed different A9 chips, or if the split is between A9 and A9X, which somehow would make no sense as the iPad Pro will certainly have no comparable volume. Would be interesting to know.
 What point are you trying to make? Everybody knows it is not actual gold, it is a marketing name for a color. And, if you know true rose gold, you know that it varies wildly in color (depending on the amount of copper in the mix). I have two real rose gold watches (one inherited Eterna and a Patek Philippe I bought myself) and they have completely different colors, one is more pink, the other has more of a rust color. The iPhone has one particular tone of rose gold, and...
I guess we will hear from Apple on Monday or Tuesday. Considering China being included in the launch, the additional week of production and the numerous rumors that Apple has ordered record numbers, I got the feeling that they will blow these numbers away.   I hope Apple will do something about the design of the device's back for the "silver" version next year. Not a fan of gold, but both gold versions look a lot better than the silver with these gray stripes...
 Well, he originally published it as "alumium" in 1808, and later changed his mind. So, insisting on "original" makes both spellings in use wrong. Let's just say that it doesn't really matter.
Well, all of a sudden it makes a lot of sense that MS and Adobe were getting their place in the limelight during the iPad Pro presentation... By the time ARM chips will be powerful enough (and since the iPad Pro is more powerful than 80% of laptops shipped in the last 12 months, many of them used to run exactly the software you are talking about) there will be pretty powerful, desktop-class-enough for most people, apps for exactly that platform. It is just a reverse deja...
Looking at current events... The move to cross-Apple-platform frameworks like Metal and the use of bitcode for distribution... There might not be much left to be done once it happens.
English is only my third (or fourth, if Latin does count) language, so I have no strict ideas. My problem with "rubbish" is that I normally use it as a synonym for "nonsense". Subsequently I am more likely to confuse it with "junk" or "spam" and might instinctively move stuff to the wrong place.
Valid point, but giving up existing selling points (like water proofing and longer battery life) to get there is a zero-sum game at best. And that design... is a non-starter, not even up there with Samsung and Moto (and even they still look like geek crap and not watches).
Where is Bill Maher when you need him most?
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