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Physical book sales have increased in several European countries over the last 3-4 years, and eBook sales are still only a tiny fraction of the market. This market is not going anywhere yet. I even know several early adopters who went back to physical books, mainly for quality reasons (sometimes hundreds of scanning / OCR errors in legacy titles that were not properly edited), but also because they can be lend more easily, they can be taken to the pool or beach without...
Shit. While there was really no development here for years, it was still the best option for RAW organisation and basic editing on the Mac, Lightroom is abysmal in this regard, and their module based workflow is absolutely not for me.   Let's hope that Photos will not be a completely dumbed down solution, but if it swaps Aperture's fine library and backup handling for the cloud, I have little interest.
Remarkable physical protection, yes. But when spending so much I would also look for something that is providing a higher level of protection on the digital end. To keep your data reasonably safe, a two disk RAID, no matter if you configure it as level 0, 1, or JBOD, does not cut it. And neither HFS nor NTFS will protect you from bit rotting. A device in this class, especially for business use, should start at RAID level 6 and support an advanced file system, like ZFS et...
C'mon, it's not worse than 'Microsoft Works', both are proper oxymorons though
Well, nothing screams pro louder than arriving with a caddy.----Other than that, OIS as a differentiator makes as much sense as this bunk about the iPhone 5c having no Siri they told us last year. Every single year they bombard us with these shortage stories, and every year initial supply is better than the year before.
Well, as this is a developers conference and a new OS version is in the cards... Why shouldn't 64-bit be on the list of new features? Totally possible, getting Android developers to support it quickly might be another story.
Really no problems with Mail at all, but I would appreciate more reliable iTunes WiFi syncing, no idea if that's an iOS or an iTunes problem though.
At least the bigger model can somewhat pretend to be a compromised laptop of sorts. A smaller Surface, without a reasonable selection of touchable apps, no good support for legacy Windows apps and only limited means to add a remotely usable keyboard... is no product at all, only a next-of-Kin.
Initial 3 months paid are up and the app brings up a respective alert. Going to subscriptions inside the app, none of the three subscription options react to anything (no errors either, just nothing). Any ideas?
 No idea who, but it will likely be a cover band 
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