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 Have you tried it? The Smart Connector is not at all like e.g. a MagSafe, it is quite strong. To remove the Logitech Create keyboard you need two hands and quite some force. An iPhone dock would have to be extremely heavy for this to work.
 Complete speculation, but could this also be related to the Smart Connector (which transports data and power) and hint at future accessories using it? OK, that's far fetched, but for e.g. audio interfaces, 4k video cams or (blush) even some kind of dock... it would make sense.
They thought that nobody wants a stylus? (Just kidding.)
 Some preliminary figures here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/9780/taking-notes-with-ipad-pro/2 Several of the reviews posted yesterday, like on The Verge and cnet had some benchmarking data as well.
 There is ample "high end" audio stuff for MFi. Great audio interfaces like the Apogee Solo and Duet for iOS devices, there are external DACs and head phone amps good enough to drive the best reference cans on the market. And the headphone out is certainly the worst possible solution to get audio out of an iPhone or iPad, these devices do not have high end DACs (and don't really need them as most people don't care enough to pay extra for them). ... iPad sales may be...
From what I've read that is true for the GPU part (if you mean a MBP without dedicated graphcs, means excluding the top end 15" model), the CPU is enormously close, but not faster.
To open a company branded store (for most product categories) some 30% of the products offered must be produced in India. Only a few international brands, like Lacoste, Burberry and Samsonite do have an "own" presence for that reason. Since Apple does not produce anything in India, they have to go through retailers, telcos etc.There are some decent resellers here in Mumbai, but e.g. access to BTO options is very limited and can result in horrendous wait times. We bought a...
"Detractors, however, claim the initiative offers special privileges to two specific groups that do not qualify as "true" minorities." As I am neither from Houston, nor do I know HERO or their opponents... Is this a quiz, and where do the answers go? While on it, what hogwash are "false minorities"? The expression makes no sense whatsoever.
 Not so sure about that. As long as they maintain encryption between devices, with Apple having no access to the message content, I don't see how they would show it on a Web page?
 Uh, well. Europe is a bit of an exaggeration. It is available in the UK with a transaction limit of 30 Pounds (means, can't even be used to pay for breakfast in an upscale London hotel – it's 38 Pounds for the breakfast buffet where I am normally staying), not even rumors pointing at support in other countries. Banks here have successfully sabotaged every payment system they are not in control of, we have at least 5 identical but incompatible solutions for everything. The...
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