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 It will be on the Apple TV.
Really don't want them to play anything, but "where the streets have no name" would have been proper for the initial Maps.
Can't say anything about the adoption rate, just that pretty much every company we occasionally work with that was on FCP before FCP X is now on FCP X. We have not moved a single FCP license to another product ourselves. We also did not have many complaints after the launch, most of the initial shortcomings of FCP X did not really affect us (only the initial lack of multi-cam support kept a few projects on the old FCP then). Our users (we have 25 permanent, plus 15 on...
I have not really used a more current version of Android, but when we had some Honeycomb tablets in the company for testing back then, martyrdom was actually a term that came to my mind.
When Eric Schmidt heard Jobs say "real artists ship", he made an impulse buy.
While iBeacon is only an implementation of BLE, which is available to any OEM, it is Apple's trademark and technology. Apple can extend it any way they want, e.g. for a future payment system, without depending on others. As can be seen with some standards, defining it gives you a lead (e.g. think of Adobe's PDF and DNG standards, they are open and available to everybody, but Adobe's own solutions are always ahead of the curve, meaning only their customers will always have...
Hm, wasn't iBeacon meant to be merely anonymous; retailers can push information to devices, but can't gather anything from them?Anyhow, I prefer to stay anonymous in most cases, and I prefer to pick food and drinks from the menu over somebody telling me what I am supposed to want.
 That is not entirely true. Several apps implement their own data encryption, which is not tied to the default root credentials. This data would still be encrypted after a jailbreak. Truly critical data (and I admit that this is a very subjective definition) does not belong into apps without such security features. Of course, most people will use the stock apps which do not have this additional protection for most stuff. Nevertheless, I would argue that there is no need to...
Physical book sales have increased in several European countries over the last 3-4 years, and eBook sales are still only a tiny fraction of the market. This market is not going anywhere yet. I even know several early adopters who went back to physical books, mainly for quality reasons (sometimes hundreds of scanning / OCR errors in legacy titles that were not properly edited), but also because they can be lend more easily, they can be taken to the pool or beach without...
Shit. While there was really no development here for years, it was still the best option for RAW organisation and basic editing on the Mac, Lightroom is abysmal in this regard, and their module based workflow is absolutely not for me.   Let's hope that Photos will not be a completely dumbed down solution, but if it swaps Aperture's fine library and backup handling for the cloud, I have little interest.
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