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Can only speak for myself... My interest in wearables cooled off before it even existed. Unless Apple comes out with something I can't even imagine right now, I might pass. But in case they really release those aluminum nipple chains with heart rate monitoring, I will buy the feature film length movie of Ive explaining their design.
Hm, this is about a singular event, the victims and the people who helped when it was needed. It is valid even without all the context. The people suffering there had little if anything to do with more than half a century of often doubtful foreign politics. There are certainly other places and audiences to address this.
The scandal here is not really that it happened, the scandal is how they dealt with it: blaming victims, threatening the press etc. This is in pretty stark contrast to how Apple is dealing with such issues. Any allegations that these (and other) companies all act the same are simply wrong. Samsung is a shameful company. Period.   Still, this is not a racial, Asian or political system issue. Worker's rights and occupational health standards in the West did not magically...
... and so much for the common analyst and pundit knowledge that you need humongous phones with fake-colored OLED scum displays and fancy band aid colors to win customers in Asia.
 It is a) not that simple (e.g. there are common use terminals, or terminals used by multiple shifts during the day in many industries) and b) not really a problem everywhere (e.g. all our Office sessions are virtualized and we pay for concurrent users, so adjusting the license count to the actual demand is not that big a deal). For a lot of smaller and mid sized companies having standard images is a huge cost saver, as calling a contractor in to e.g. just swap a Word...
I think this is brilliant marketing. The more people will doubt cloud services, the more hard drives they will buy. /s
 Don't do what Samsung would do. Make your own 
You do see the difference between an opinion that tries to force ones own principles on others, and one that doesn't? Cook does not want you to become gay or doubt your gender, while that Mozilla guy wanted to stop gay people from having the same rights as others. There is nothing intolerant about demanding tolerance, it is the pinnacle of intolerance to demand others to live according to your principles. Huge difference.
The first time I travelled to the US, in 1982, the immigration form still asked for "sex" followed by a blank line (instead of providing checkboxes)... So I put "yes". Immigration took me 5 hours...Seriously, gender orientation problems, as well as the fact that some people are indeed born without a clear physical disposition are acknowledged facts and often a serious burden for the people affected. Your position is as helpful as telling a person with cancer that he/she/it...
What makes you think so? Every US enterprise depends on talent from all over the world, and making the environment less hostile will attract more talented people. This should be in everybody's best interest (besides being the right thing in the first place).
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