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C'mon, it's not worse than 'Microsoft Works', both are proper oxymorons though
Well, nothing screams pro louder than arriving with a caddy.----Other than that, OIS as a differentiator makes as much sense as this bunk about the iPhone 5c having no Siri they told us last year. Every single year they bombard us with these shortage stories, and every year initial supply is better than the year before.
Well, as this is a developers conference and a new OS version is in the cards... Why shouldn't 64-bit be on the list of new features? Totally possible, getting Android developers to support it quickly might be another story.
Really no problems with Mail at all, but I would appreciate more reliable iTunes WiFi syncing, no idea if that's an iOS or an iTunes problem though.
At least the bigger model can somewhat pretend to be a compromised laptop of sorts. A smaller Surface, without a reasonable selection of touchable apps, no good support for legacy Windows apps and only limited means to add a remotely usable keyboard... is no product at all, only a next-of-Kin.
Initial 3 months paid are up and the app brings up a respective alert. Going to subscriptions inside the app, none of the three subscription options react to anything (no errors either, just nothing). Any ideas?
 No idea who, but it will likely be a cover band 
Geez, "El Capitan" for OS X and water for iOS 8... Tomorrow Munster will tell us that Apple's new hardware will be yachts, and Kuo will make a case for budget yachts to cater to developing markets.
The ongoing trend is the devaluation of content, shifting the value to dumb pipes and infrastructure. Amazon is making ample profits, the fact that they reinvest almost everything into data and fulfillment centers should not really fool anybody. Where is that competitor that could just replicate everything Amazon has? it does not exist, except for Alibaba in Asia. They have a lead that will be almost insurmountable for decades. In conventional / legacy economics such...
 Art is the result from a society, it's rarely ever forming societies. People did not only start shooting Indians after seeing a Western, there were mass murderers before film was even invented, there was child abuse before the first picture was taken and women have been exploited and suppressed since the beginning of time. Rap / HipHop is commentary, the origins of it (think Gil Scott-Heron or Linton Kwesi Johnson) earned world-wide recognition and respect. Are there...
New Posts  All Forums: