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I assume that will depend on if they can create any synergies between the QNX stuff and whatever products and services they will decide to keep alive. The money generated by QNX will neither be enough to keep the company alive, nor to even pay their loans. And there are multiple free RTOSs out there that could be used instead, provided any of them comes up with some reliable and professional support for them. If you talk to car people, you will find that developer support...
Uh oh. White borders only? People have barely recovered from that culturally insufficiently divergent emoji disaster. Will Apple never learn... /s
 Well, this should not really hurt MS, as other resellers seem to take about the same (or higher) cut. Amazon sells the Home Premium package for 63 Euros here, and there are various other vendors listing it for below 70 Euros, while the in-app purchase is the most expensive option by far at 99 Euros.
 If Nadella continues in the same direction and at the same pace, they will be selling iPhone cases and black noisy Time Capsule clones by Christmas.
"Back when" it required the DOJ threatening to break up MS to enable Jobs to beat another five years of Office for Mac support out of them. Nowadays MS stock rises on an Office for iPad announcement, and a rumor of MS providing management tools to support OS X in the enterprise appears four days ahead of and not on April 1st. Something about that "Post PC" thingy seems to be less absurd than those laughing it off thought.
"Company which wants to buy better than company that doesn't." Well, Konfuzius and Sun Tzu became legendary with fortune cookie drivel like that... "Virtual Reality" is an apt tag at last.
Elwood: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing Glass.Jake: F.... You.A man's gotta know his limitations? Sounds about right :-)
The article is certainly right in that the "failure" claim is nonsense, nothing to argue. Still, it does not really account for the fact that, due to the subsidy situation, the 5c seems to be far less relevant in markets with no real subsidies outside the US. I commute between Germany and India and I see tons of 5s and have not seen a single 5c ever. Yes, this is anecdotal, but no best seller page of any local telco lists the 5c at all. (It is hard to really draw...
I am more concerned about Apple's ability to maintain all these profiles and options all the time. E.g. our corporate accounts explicitly allow for tethering, but require a specific APN, user name and password. Of course, none of that is part of Apple's standard carrier profile.
 Well, without saying it's not (no idea), that is not really conclusive. Yes, ideally third party clients will not have any access to the finger print data, but just call an API that returns a token, or releases a stored account password from whatever the keychain is called in Android when a matching print is being supplied. For a payment solution provider this is not about fingerprint security, it is about authentication and in how far a solution is more or less secure...
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