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Was dead set on getting the smaller one, but wasn't really sure. So I did not preorder and decided to go to an Apple Store yesterday morning. While the 6+ did scare me a little at first, I think I can cope with the size. What won me over is how much better the screen size is for my aging eyes. Since iOS 7 I needed glasses to read some things on my 5s (or had to set a font size that left even less on the screen). With the 6+ I do not need glasses and can have a proper...
This might just be a licensing issue. Content licenses are normally not transferrable, means Apple would have to renegotiate streaming licenses (radio licenses do not normally cover a la carte services). Making curation and the subscription service part of iTunes makes sense, as iTunes is a global brand and Beats Music virtually unknown outside the US.
Understand why you say that, but there are some things they do have for apps (update mechanism, kill switch if needed, developer certificate revocation if needed, a review process) that do make some sense for internet connected keyboards IMHO. I assume something as simple as a possibility to hide app icons from the Springboard (as you can do on the Apple TV) would be acceptable for most.
Not interested in most of these. Something that intercepts keystrokes and is free or dirt cheap makes me nervous.   I make one exception for the new TextExpander for iOS and its keyboard, as this is an app I use on all my devices, and finally having my shortcuts available in all iOS apps, including Mail, is something I have waited for a long time – and this is a developer I do trust. Between this and the 1Password update (works in Safari and supports TouchID), my two...
From http://apple.com/live/ 
 It will be on the Apple TV.
Really don't want them to play anything, but "where the streets have no name" would have been proper for the initial Maps.
Can't say anything about the adoption rate, just that pretty much every company we occasionally work with that was on FCP before FCP X is now on FCP X. We have not moved a single FCP license to another product ourselves. We also did not have many complaints after the launch, most of the initial shortcomings of FCP X did not really affect us (only the initial lack of multi-cam support kept a few projects on the old FCP then). Our users (we have 25 permanent, plus 15 on...
I have not really used a more current version of Android, but when we had some Honeycomb tablets in the company for testing back then, martyrdom was actually a term that came to my mind.
When Eric Schmidt heard Jobs say "real artists ship", he made an impulse buy.
New Posts  All Forums: