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Well, all of a sudden it makes a lot of sense that MS and Adobe were getting their place in the limelight during the iPad Pro presentation... By the time ARM chips will be powerful enough (and since the iPad Pro is more powerful than 80% of laptops shipped in the last 12 months, many of them used to run exactly the software you are talking about) there will be pretty powerful, desktop-class-enough for most people, apps for exactly that platform. It is just a reverse deja...
Looking at current events... The move to cross-Apple-platform frameworks like Metal and the use of bitcode for distribution... There might not be much left to be done once it happens.
English is only my third (or fourth, if Latin does count) language, so I have no strict ideas. My problem with "rubbish" is that I normally use it as a synonym for "nonsense". Subsequently I am more likely to confuse it with "junk" or "spam" and might instinctively move stuff to the wrong place.
Valid point, but giving up existing selling points (like water proofing and longer battery life) to get there is a zero-sum game at best. And that design... is a non-starter, not even up there with Samsung and Moto (and even they still look like geek crap and not watches).
Where is Bill Maher when you need him most?
OmniFocus works great on the Watch, nothing to complain about. Still, I hope that Apple (after doing all the nice updates to the Notes application) at least brings a mean to transfer checklists to the Watch. Would be ideal to check off errands and OF, as much as I like it for business tasks, is complete overkill for that.
Question to AI operators (a little side topic): How feasible would it be to at least offer an subscription option for the desktop site, or a mean to extend the iOS subscription? If your livelihood depends on ads, which I understand, but the only ads you can offer come with all the tracking etc. noise, giving people an option to ad blocking would be a logical step?   I do pay for ad free versions of a few sites on iOS devices, having the same option here would at least...
Your article, just like Nilay Patel's on The Verge, misses one important point. I do not mind ads (unless they are completely unacceptable, like Flash, auto-playing audio etc.).   But I do mind tracking and behavioral analysis. Give me ads without that, and I am more than willing to watch them. If there would be some .org outfit that maintains a list of non-tracking etc. ad engines, I would not mind white-listing those in general, or buy an ad blocker that generally...
Well, refugees are the ones accepted as refugees. The rest is deported to their home countries anyhow. And there is no real mean to stop that from happening. You simply can't process requests before the people are here, this has been going on forever. Still, processing this is not the main problem (current backlogs aside), the challenge is taking appropriate care of those who are accepted.
  This is the official report from the BAMF (Office of Migration and Refugees), PDF at http://www.bamf.de/SharedDocs/Anlagen/DE/Downloads/Infothek/Statistik/Asyl/201508-statistik-anlage-asyl-geschaeftsbericht.pdf?__blob=publicationFile Column 1 lists the requests processed by origin, 2 is the requests accepted, 3 is the requests denied.
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