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Not for me (as notifications, world time, alarm etc. are my most used features), but a decent design and likely a good fit for those whose activities include swimming and diving, something the Apple Watch is admittedly useless at (even putting it somewhere safe when jumping into a pool or ocean is a chore). And if it does work as advertised, the price is ok, too.
Wow, the silence here is deafening...   I don't get it either. Last year they had such a great and diverse lineup, and this year, just when you would expect them to put a shining light on their lukewarm new service, they have this? Weepers, whiners, a geriatric boygroup, a hat stand with a Mickey Mouse voice, and a a distinctly un-funky Jamiroquai impersonator with bad hair day... Not impressed. Not even for free.
Since comscore measures mobile subscribers and not sales, this is nearly impossible to answer. It could just mean that more old Android devices than iPhones got retired... Interpreting that without considering other (sales) stats can be misleading.
To be honest, while Breitling makes some extremely nice watches, I would say that some of their yacht-owner targeting Rolex-lookalikes are not less cheesy than that Huawei accident. And when it comes to showing the exact time and features, pretty much all smart watches beat every mechanical watch with ease. I own 7 mechanical watches, three of them above $10k... Since my Apple Watch arrived, I have not worn a single one of them.
If they would have invited journalists from a different industry, like cars or content production, I assume we would have heard by now. Either they really do extensive remodeling, or they want to keep the venue open for some days after the event. A showroom for new products, free screenings of the new Jobs movie, whatever...
If the iPad Pro does include all the rumored features, and iOS 9.1 brings some significant changes to differentiate the iPad even more from the iPhone... Throw in a 4K iMac, new displays and some notebook / Skylake updates... Should be enough for an on campus event? (We had less, like HiFi and leather sleeves.) Of course, they may also pre announce the iPad Pro now to initiate developer support and then only do a press release later on. Both is fine with me, I just want my...
Well, I assume the sport bands are the best selling, so I get their priority. As I am not into plastic, I would like some love for the leather options as well, The loop could use some flashier options (current colors are pretty subdued), and black as the only classic option isn't really cutting it either. I love the classic buckle, it is IMO the best band besides the link bracelet. If it were available in brown, blue, green... I would buy all of them.
 Why would the consumer electronics journalists and private iPhone users care about that? This is about corporate IT. I have seen more than one big company where the networking / infrastructure people were the biggest opponents of BYOD and/or non-Windows platforms. Having CISCO on board can make a huge difference here.
Whatever. Unless it is "Dre performs his new album front to back" and "Iovine reads Nietzsche"... I might be fine :-)
No clue, but even for the iPhone 7,000 journalists sounds extremely rich. If this rumor has merit (and so far I only think it has some, because who else would rent a place this big at this time), there must be something else?
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