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It's not copying, it's natural progression.   (Copying automatically is, like kleptomania, something the entity performing it can't control, so it is natural.)
 Oh yeah, that was actually quite a widespread problem with the earlier ones... Even received an own paragraph on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerBook_G4#Quality_issues
 I can accept all of those for now, even if I would definitely have liked TB2. What annoys me a little bit though is that iMacs with a VESA mount are still completely separate devices. We have to keep distinct spares for positions with regular iMacs and arm- or wall-mounted ones... which is a bit of a drag.
 Yeah, and normally the same people who say they are not innovating enough :-) For years I have bought almost everything 1st-gen from Apple, and I really did not run into too many problems. The hinges on my Titanium book and the liquid cooling in my Dual 2.7 GHz G5 PowerMac are actually the only two severe ones I can remember over many years.
 That's true. I am happy with the 27" Thunderbolt Display and the resolution is certainly good enough. It would be handy for reviewing 4k footage though, for which we currently need a dedicated display (that is not really useable for anything else). There are certain compression and noise problems which you simply can't detect on lower resolution screens.
 True, but in the past they have added that information in the online store. I am quite sure they will still do it, but there must be a reason why they do not mention it anymore... maybe it will indeed become a free update for all.
 As much as I would want that myself, I think it is cost-wise not feasible yet. The only 4k panel (32" IGZO by Sharp) currently available is still close to $3k. That would likely be a $5k iMac.
 With an OS that does not scale font weights properly (just height and width), even ClearType doesn't help much.
I read part of the presentation's transcript... He really said things like "The team is proud of what they did here. We think these products make people's lives better." Their amount of shame declines faster than their amount of taste grows...
Hm, does anybody who has been to a store have a rough idea about 5c demand there? (Just curios, nothing scientific.)   A lot of family, friends and colleagues have ordered today, and among them (including kids) the demand for the 5c is exactly zero. And this includes a wild mix of people (from engineers and doctors to teachers and social workers to mailmen and factory workers, aged 17 through 84).   Have you seen any demand in stores?
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