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Photoshop has not added anything I need since version 7.0. Dreamweaver and Fireworks (even running on 10.9) are still more usable in their latest (MX 2004) Macromedia versions than whatever Adobe did to screw them up since. Quark's support is drop dead excellent (now), Adobe's Indian psychedelic garbage hotline is an effing disgrace to anybody paying even a dime.   Not even at $1 per year would I buy anything from these idiots.
 For companies like Foxconn or Pegatron? Three months max. (Jobs was famous for making severe product tweaks until the last minute, somehow assembly lines could cope with that as well.)
 Maybe "copying" is not the right word, but there is a pattern here. When Apple was rumored to be working on a tablet and registered the "iSlate.com" domain... MS outdid itself to show off a non-working HP thing, astonishingly called Slate PC and "leaked" some Courier videos, which they later played down. Of course, Apple did not use the "Slate" name and released something quite different. When Apple was rumored to build a TV product, all industry shows all of a sudden...
  Not only "not strictly" in financial trouble, not in financial trouble at all - the phone business was even able to balance the (then) loss-making NSN and the always loss-making maps. They were even increasing sales then (not market share though).   Looking at 2Q, a good quarter for NSN was almost able to compensate for the losses in devices and maps (combined with MS's $250m quarterly injection and marketing support) after sinking from being smart phone vendor number 1...
  And with Nokia selling a new and unlocked WP8 phone for 150 EUR at a loss, and Apple selling a 12 months old device for 680 EUR... this is news?   What is your suggestion for Apple? Selling itself to MS for $7.2bn after following the same strategy? Cook may not be Jobs, but at least he isn't working for Ballmer.
  Several articles on the web, from Forbes, CNBC, WSJ etc. did clarify that MS bought a license to use Nokia patents for 10 years (obviously irrespective of the amount of devices using them). So, Nokia still owns the patents and MS makes a bet... that they will sell enough devices to make that worthwhile.
  Not misled. Apple's POI data in many parts of Europe and Asia is terrible. And Nokia, not in their garbage iOS HERE app, but otherwise, does have better data (don't know much about the street view stuff, as I really have no need for it - never even used it in Google Maps). And I certainly have no idea if Apple would be interested. What I do know is that Apple is putting quite some effort into "fixing" maps on their own - they hired tons of additional people globally and...
  Well, they have quite some debt, too. And the latest ER's cash/equivalent positions do not reflect the 50% of NSN acquisition from Siemens yet (which reduces cash and increases debts), as it only becomes effective in the current quarter.   What I am not really clear about right now is in how far Nokia's share holders could boycott this deal, as the remainder of Nokia is really worth nothing.
  Yeah, they are quite big in car navigation systems, a lot of premium brands use their stuff - but they don't have any profits. Just, Bing has own maps, Google has maps, Apple has maps... Where does that leave them? MS did feature their services as long as they needed them... I expect that to stop rather soon. AND, not to be forgotten, MS's own car services (Ford Sync) are MS-driven, Apple's iOS in the Car has plenty of subscribers already. They have a product, but no...
  Nokia was not at all in financial trouble before Elop took over. This was a textbook destruction of a viable company. If Nokia would have (and I am not an Android fan at all) bet on Android, then Samsung would be in trouble.   Nokia's engineers and distribution network are easily worth $7.2bn, if you have the products to push... Luckily, MS hasn't.
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