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All wrong. Avon perfumes available from Apple Store. iStink shipping Immediately.
Well, not to be smart-assy, but... 10.4.4 Intel was not an upgrade, nobody could get it without buying an Intel Mac - it was an additional version, Tiger has never been Universal, up to and including 10.4.11 there are two distinct versions of every release. So, if this rumour has any substance, it could be the most substantial upgrade. Especially if they start moving some apps to 64-bit and/or improve multi-core support with some applications (e.g. even Motion is still...
How can that be patented at all? I know at least 3 different analogue and ISDN modems from 3 different companies from 1994/1995 that came with "visual voicemail" software - it is a simple list of caller IDs and voice recordings... just putting same on a server and the interface on a mobile cannot make that a new invention. This whole patent thing is getting more and more ridiculous.
OK, I see. Seems like subsidies in the UK are much more severe than in Germany. Even with top of the price-list models like the E90 I cannot find any deal exceeding 250 EUR in subsidies here. Please do not remind me - I had a story like that about a year ago. I still have her sausage dog. A Cloud and a harp sometimes do sound desirable
When it (the N95) first came out, no carrier was offering it subsidised (most did not offer it at all). In the meantime they do offer it, but the average street price is down to 460 EUR. At a street price of 460 EUR T-Mobile is offering it for 229.95 EUR with a 24 month contract - so, the subsidy is 230 EUR, not 600.
Exactly! Everybody wants these customers - interested in the newest gadgets, ample money to spend, actually using data services. This should be the first mobile to receive 600 EUR in subsidies in history, and it further proofs that Apple's approach was wrong (for Europe). Instead of dealing with law suits, bad press and upset fans - if they would have allowed the market to fix the conditions, they would sell more, not less and they would get all the money at once - not...
Not only in principle - they DO offer access to the EDGE network. My T-Mobile contract is from debitel and I use EDGE all the time.
Well, actually debitel has 13 million customers in Germany and is the biggest player. The move does make sense - because people can now combine all T-Mobile tariff options freely (e.g. lot of talk time and little data, even domestic flatrates for people talking a lot), something T-Mobile itself does not allow.
It really depends in the individual calculation - of course the price is just chosen at a point that is unattractive to most and might have a slight chance to delay the final decision of the court into next year - saving the holidays and big bucks. Not nice - but intelligent. For me it is a no-brainer. I will buy it today or tomorrow - I still can write more than 1k off my tax record for this year, and it will cost me 0,- EUR, no matter if I pay 399,- or 999,-. At least I...
999,- EUR without simlock. No changes to the bundle tariffs. Link (German document): http://mactechnews.de/images/content...iphonenetz.pdf
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