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Well, this is not correct. Orange Austria (ONE) will also carry the iPhone in Austria, info here: http://www.one.at/iphone
Well, that one week was not "sanctioned" by policy, but enforced by an injunction - so the statement in the article seems correct. We have 18 of the officially unlocked phones sold that week in the company and they are doing fine. I privately bought one of the officially unlocked 16GB models in France and it's doing fine as well. All of them have worked with any SIM in any country. Just like any phone should.
That's not quite the whole story. All receiving carriers collect a certain fee from the originating carrier and these charges are included in all tariff calculations. You do pay for them, you just do not have to count them (and people that receive a lot of calls and do not call out frequently benefit). The downside is that people calling out a lot actually pay extra for those only receiving calls.
Well, a few notes: Debitel is not a "primary opponent" of T-Mobile. Debitel re-sells mobile contracts from all major providers, including T-Mobile. The problem here is that T-Mobile and Apple have excluded these resellers (which have a huge customer base, even among business users, as they normally offer more flexibility and in some cases better support than the original providers) from everything iPhone. I assume this will be re-thought once the initial run for the 3G...
Hmm, in the article it says: "Apple also said that iTunes customers are now renting and purchasing over 50,000 movies every day, or a yearly run rate of over 18 million, making iTunes the world's most popular online movie store as well." If this is the most popular online store in the world already - where would the studios turn to?
I was not referring to the number of buttons - this can be customized in both browsers. The Safari toolbar/bookmark bar/tab-section is flat looking and free of any colours - FF has the eye-catching enlarged back-button, icons on the tabs, one icon in front of the URL, the star in the location bar and another icon on the search field. In addition there is a stronger 3D effect (not extreme, but it is clearly more dimensional than in Safari). These things combined cause the...
Actually I did not ask anything. I do Web development and I strongly prefer Safari's Web Inspector. They have quite some overlap in functionality, but for me Web Inspector is more responsive and I absolutely learned to depend on the graphical metrics view when debugging nested divs - it has saved me hours if not days of time. Both are great tools.Both browsers have that option - just Safari packages the entire page and all graphics, scripts, styles etc. in one archive file...
There are more hits than misses, but the misses (and Safari's Web inspector and "save as web archive" features) will keep me with Safari. Form rendition and speed are greatly improved, the interface is more Mac-like, at least somewhat. It is less cluttered than before, but it still draws more attention to itself and away from the Web pages than Safari. Would be nice if you could drag tabs to a new window, I use this a lot in Safari. The location bar is ugly and...
I would say with Internet access there is almost no difference at all. With files on the local machine or on the local network (gig ethernet) you can clearly see that Safari is handling complex JavaScript a bit faster.
No offense, but something must be wrong with your installation... I did not have a single Safari crash for at least three years and it is running at least 14 hours a day. Still, a re-open last session option would be great - it can be added using the Stand plug-in though and works pretty well.
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