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The article is certainly right in that the "failure" claim is nonsense, nothing to argue. Still, it does not really account for the fact that, due to the subsidy situation, the 5c seems to be far less relevant in markets with no real subsidies outside the US. I commute between Germany and India and I see tons of 5s and have not seen a single 5c ever. Yes, this is anecdotal, but no best seller page of any local telco lists the 5c at all. (It is hard to really draw...
I am more concerned about Apple's ability to maintain all these profiles and options all the time. E.g. our corporate accounts explicitly allow for tethering, but require a specific APN, user name and password. Of course, none of that is part of Apple's standard carrier profile.
 Well, without saying it's not (no idea), that is not really conclusive. Yes, ideally third party clients will not have any access to the finger print data, but just call an API that returns a token, or releases a stored account password from whatever the keychain is called in Android when a matching print is being supplied. For a payment solution provider this is not about fingerprint security, it is about authentication and in how far a solution is more or less secure...
 A fingerprint scanning solution that requires two hands, a pretty exact motion and still fails more often than not will not be used after day one. Can't get more secure than that.
Just answered your own question, I guess.
 True. But on the positive site: Apple only needs to release one single landmark product under Cook to invalidate all this nonsense (and force these guys to innovate a new working doomsday scenario, which, given their average level of intelligence, most won't achieve in their lifetime). So far, they released a lot of very solid stuff under him, but certainly no true game changer.
 Well, keep in mind that these are basically invitation-only events. Only 10 people who pre-registered on the website were invited to pick up iPhones (as reported by the NYT), all the others will receive them via courier. As there was no business to be made for scalpers and nobody could really buy something on the spot... "fairly crowded" does sound quite OK.
 At least they got the first syllable right...
 While this is true, it is decidedly un-Apple. For years they have resisted to clutter computers with trial- and junk ware, but everybody connecting a brand new Apple TV outside the US faces a screen flooded with inaccessible content. Clunky MS-like workarounds are not a good solution. This is not a disaster, but inconvenient. For people having only the Apple Remote (no iOS device) managing anything on the Apple TV is troublesome enough.
It's not about technology, it's about protecting the own business. Guys with Blackberries don't get the girl and don't need the blue pill. Horizontals and verticals together at last.
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