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  Why would it? With MS buying devices & services from Nokia, all that is left of Nokia is NSN (infrastructure) and HERE (maps). Since Elop will go back to MS, all ties with Nokia (except for the patent licensing) will be capped. HERE is a loss maker and NSN is predicted to decline. Apple will certainly have a chance to pick up the remaining bits and pieces (if they really want them... I am not sure they do). Nokia is done.
  Apple does have a license agreement with Nokia and pays for Nokia's patents. MS did not buy Nokia's patents, they only bought a ten-year license for all of them. You normally can't "resell" patents.
  No, they won't. The deal gives them free use of the patents for 10 years, but Nokia remains the owner. Won't change the landscape at all.   ===   Elop really played the Trojan Horse part well. $5bn (far less than what MS paid for Skype) for a company that was $110bn a few years ago. There is little a MS manager can't wreck. Nokia share holders will be miffed. The remaining parts are either burning money (HERE) or in a predicted decline (NSN). Elop made them buy the...
  Yeah, I have 5 of those.   Still, a lot of people buy the Apple TV for Airplay only (we have 30 of them in the company, just for presentations and iOS training).   Now, if Apple wants to make the next Apple TV more expensive (better CPU/GPU for app support, more storage etc.), then making the Express "fill the gap" would be a clever move. (OK, just a theory...)
I mainly use the Express when travelling (connect it to the hotel's ethernet plug, so I can use my MBP, iPad and iPhone) and at home to stream music to the bathroom and the terrace... For neither use 802.11ac makes any difference (bandwidth in hotels is far less than what even 802.11n does support and for music streaming even older standards work fine). I have never really seen the Express as a "one and only" hotspot for building a network - especially since it has...
You will all stop laughing and watch in awe... Once you see the cuckoo coming out.
  Cost is the most likely reason. Another one might be recharging times... my iPad Mini recharges several times faster than the iPad 3 or 4 (not astonishing given the discrepancy in battery size). If your aircraft are in heavy rotation, that might make a difference.
  It sure does. I do not have a "before" photo, but this one is "after":  
First they kill Bento, and then they serve Hawaiian Lunch? That is wildly inconsistent    ... keep the good news coming anyhow!
  Yeah, "Intellectual Vultures" sounds about right 
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