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 Yep, same in Germany (and 1-3 days for all 5C models). But that is still quite good compared to the times carriers are quoting here (e.g. T-Mobile Germany quotes 5-6 weeks for the gold 32 GB model)...
 Yes, please. Why does Apple sell the 5S from the 17th in China (only place on earth), when they did not totally expect that? Even an industry greenhorn like Tim Cook knew that an, almost $750 including taxes, 5C won't cause a stampede in China. /s There is only one reason that there is no "C"heap model. They did not want to offer one. Whoever wants to suggest that Apple thought that the 5C would be a mass market item in China or India... insults everybody's intelligence...
Don't want to come across as viperish and contumelious, but: hey, analysts... ROFLMMFAO  
 Hm. Until now they always put up a remark in the store that the upgrade will be free for purchasers of new Macs between the introduction and the release of a new OS X version (and they always gave a price when announcing the shipping date or time frame). They did not do that this time. So, something is different this time, and 10.9 being free is certainly one possible explanation. Even one that makes sense. There isn't really any reason to treat OS X and iOS customers...
That's actually a team that makes good sense. Since I've paid over $1900 for one of their trench coats, my wife complains far less about the almost $1200 for my iPhone 5 64 GB... A match made in heaven.
Given that Gift is the German word for "poison"... they actually make sense this time around. 
 I hope, figuratively, that this discussion does not go any deeper.
 You would not really have to store fingerprint data itself to do that (and before there is confusion, this sensor does not even copy a fingerprint, so it can't send a copy of it anywhere), you would just have to store an encoded, or better hashed, value generated from this unique data. Identification is really not the problem here. The problem is rather if this concept makes any sense. Sure, you would (with quite a delay to download all the data for the other account,...
 I think it is totally possible that some things might come with point updates to iOS 7, at least for tablets they really seem to struggle a bit getting it ready.
 The "beacon" concept is really part of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Apple has iBeacon, Sony has sBeacon... don't think it is "stealing" from Apple (or Sony for that matter), they just use the same technology to create little local network cells that do not require any configuration to connect users.
New Posts  All Forums: