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400Mb/s = 50MB/s, much faster than any 1.8" hard drive (or even most 3.5" ones). Which is to say, there will likely be zero difference in real-world speed between FW and USB2 iPods.
If Tiger is a minor upgrade unworthy of its own point release, then why can Microsoft deliver more or less the same thing (metadata searches, desktop integrated web apps, graphical window management) in another two years and call it a whole new operating system (equivalent to the 2000 > XP switch)? What a silly man.
Tonton, long time no see! Actually, been back from Japan for a while now (let's seee... 3.5 years?), I was just there for a school year on exchange. Currently back in the states, going to college here in the godforsaken midwest. You still rocking the Hong Kong, breaking hearts and making bank andcetra? Rattie: Yeah, I thought you had more than that. Anyway it was exciting to think, if only for a blissful moment, that I was just a good Soulseek session away from catching...
Only 7679? Your powers are weakening, old man...
I'm glad someone else has this problem as well. I've had it on both my iMac G4/800 and my new PBG4 1.5/15. Very annoying. The way it works for me is iTunes will skip, user interface will freeze, iTunes music will come back in short bursts every minute or so and if I wait long enough the computer will come back. Often I'll just restart cause it's such a PITA to wait.
I can speak from personal experience that newer PBs will not recognize older OSs. Which is a shame, since I left my software restore CDs for my 15" at home; every time I need to do a clean install (not often, thankfully) with my vanilla 10.3 discs I need to boot the 'book as a FWHD, install OSX from a lab G4, and then run updates until the OS is new enough to recognize the PB hardware (10.3.4 I believe). Which is fun, to be sure. But a pain.
Slightly O.T.: the popularity of the Da Vinci code makes me cry. Robert Anton Wilson published a whole trilogy of books on the very same subject ("The Earth Will Shake", "The Widow's Son", "Nature's God") 15 years ago and now he's dying of MS in California and gets shelved with "metaphysics." Beh! No justice in this world.
Disaster averted! Open-source Samsung drivers at Linuxprinting.org saved my bacon. Wunderbar! Thanks everyone for your help, anyway
Ahm, that's the printer I have, and it works awfully with Mac OS X. (At least the Samsung drivers do.) But thanks Edit: and it appears that Linuxprinting.org is back online. Whoo! So feel free to let this thread die.
Gasp! This just in! A review here (find "mac" a few times) and this Google search indicate that I could have sweet, sweet open-source drivers, letting my printer reach its full potential, if only linuxprinting.org's website were up. It's been around since 1998 and until at least September 28th this year according to the Google cache, how could it fall off the face of the planet the week before I need to download the samsung-gdi driver off of it, right??? Garr! If anyone...
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