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The 15" was not updated. If you look at the days since it was last released, it's due for an upgrade soon. Maybe they have something bigger for it planned or they're waiting on intel for  some new chipset.
For some reason all my step data from the past week was wiped out when I installed 8.0.2.
 Yep. Definitely a 2012. In fact, my early 2011 with a Radeon is fine with Mavericks install.
Just tried a clean install and it displayed the glitches during the installation process.
It does it in both mirror and extend. I've just determined that it's happening when the laptop is using the discreet graphics card, which it does whenever powering an external display. I'm not sure why it was doing it over airplay, with graphic switcher it's not switching to discreet and therefore not showing the glitches.
The external display is connected with a mini Display Port to DVI cable. I also tested it with my Apple miniDP to DVI adaptor.   The craziest thing is it does it over airplay with our Apple TV.
Just installed Mavericks on my wife's computer (2012 non-retina MBP). She has an external Dell display connected over mDP to DVI. When it's connected it gets this crazy artifact thingy. Anyone seen this? It does it on both displays equally, but goes away when the exernal display is disconnected.  
So you're basically financing the full price of the phone over 20 months. If you don't pay it off you can't keep it. Sortof 12 month leasing.
When do we get our Siri API? Two years and counting..
Yay. Ridiculous fishing is awesome.
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