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Wall Street is ruining the world.
Well that won't end well...
Noooo. This would make application sizes huge. Our latest iPad app is 70mb because of all the "Rentina" backgrounds.
He does sound really butthurt. It doesn't come off as constructive criticism. Like "we invented the mouse because it was THE future. Everyone is failing because they move past it".
Maybe this is the year that Apple will add an API for Siri?
It makes Apples app look good.
I have never bought a refurbished product from Apple because of sales taxes. This alleviates that. Cool!
I hate the wood and the leather, but I really like the tweed. I'll be sad to see it go.
It takes serious engineering the create the cheapest possible Win 8 product. Microsoft tries hard to create a crappy product. Props to them.
I build a yacht for Steve Jobs and all I got was this lousy iPod touch.
New Posts  All Forums: