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What was the prior art?
It's interesting this move towards bringing more and more chipset in-house. I wonder where it will end...
Apple has officially lost their ability to control their product launches (already clear from the iPhone 5). Time to tighten up security (again).
I'm really surprised CR did jump on the bandwagon and make the iphone 5 'not recommended' over the maps thing.
Looks like they just want credit. That seems fair.
  This can't bode well for Microsoft and WP7.
DualHead2Go is still the best thing out there. I wonder when, if ever, we'll get a Thunderbolt multi-monitor solulion..?
I think that's exactly what they're going for. Simple apps. Though I'm not sure why they'd want to do this after the whole spat of 'native is superior to crappy compile flash apps'. It's kindof hurtful too, as a developer. But I could see how the frameworks that Apple has gone through the trouble of creating (i.e. table views, nav controller, tab bar, etc.) could be lightly modified to compile out a full application with no coding at all. Sortof where IB is almost already.
I was thinking that this was the case. Wow. Sucks to be in marketing at Microsoft and being forced off of the Mac platform. They will probably loose at lot of any remaining creative talent they still have.
Tho nobody is actually talking about the article, this how I got my job. I was a unemployed industrial designer until I became an app developer in 2010.
New Posts  All Forums: