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1) I think we all know this will get pulled as soon as it gets a lot of interest online. 2) As crappy as cabled tethering is, it would have been nice over T-day when my sister-in-laws DSL was out. 3) There are still a lot of people that have kept their unlimited data plans.
Need more clarification from AT&T/Apple whether ALL early adopters of the iPhone 4 will get an early upgrade for the 4s.
I wonder if you can hook up a third party display to the thunderbolt port and how long before there's an adaptor to run two third party displays.
Apple's website says new icloud accounts get me.com email addresses so I would assume our mac.com addresses will still work fine.
WTH? I am a small iOS developer and this concerns me.
This problem is a perception issue. If developers BELIEVE that they will be sued if they use IAP then it will either stop using IAP (which is a revenue stream for Apple) or stop developing on the platform all together. And it could stop new developers from starting iOS development.
Apple will have to fix this fast, since it renders their IAP system useless for developers.
Still does not fix the issue where the Thunderbolt port recognizes the Dell U2410 monitor as a TV over a mDP to DP cable, unfortunately.
I'm in Austin, TX USA and mine went off an hour early this moning (iPhone 4) however, my wife's 3GS went off at the regular time!
However, Apple is always showing the MBP running with some huge external monitor. If Apple did put in a second display port adapter, it would only be on the 17 which would suck for me. I am tempted to go to the Mac Pro to run a second monitor but I'd hate to have to run two machines (I still need my MBP). I may also look into solutions from Matrox or CineView.
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