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However, Apple is always showing the MBP running with some huge external monitor. If Apple did put in a second display port adapter, it would only be on the 17 which would suck for me. I am tempted to go to the Mac Pro to run a second monitor but I'd hate to have to run two machines (I still need my MBP). I may also look into solutions from Matrox or CineView.
I know Apple's been sticking with nVidia lately, but they have a multi-screen technology too. Those Macbook Pro clone hp's have it, allowing them to run two external monitors at the same time. I'm not buying a new MBP until I can have two external 24's without an external piece of hardware. EDIT: I was looking at a demo of HP's Envy 17 doing this, and it's ability to run 3 external displays hinges on using all three ports: minidisplay port. hdmi and vga (??!!??). Makes...
This is an intentional leak. It's probably a design they decided not to go with. When has a prototype even been "lost"? They've been stolen from Macworld displays.
Thanks for the advice, actually. I picked myself up a first generation unibody. It was the high-end model (2.53) so it has the 512mb discreet card and it's more powerful than my Dell. For $1300, which is very good. I think this will hold me over until long after the arrandales come out and I can buy when when they get all the bugs worked out.
Because of the nVidia/Intel lawsuit, they can't release a new version of the graphics setup on the current unibodys. But everyone knows that. Whatever they do release, it will be on the cutting-edge of graphics switching/battery saving technology - just doubtful that the graphics processors will be cutting-edge. Apple can't just update the current line to the arrandale intel IGP/Discreet graphics setup because it would be a downgrade for the non-discreet macbooks/pros....
Our Mac Pro (dual Xeon 2.6) that we bought in 2006 refurbished is still the fastest machine we own.
I'm looking and I'm seeing year-old unibody machines for ~$1500. I don't trust used Intel Macs like I did with the ppc models. I'm not sure if saving myself $500 is worth losing the peace of mind that comes with a new (or factory refurbished) Mac. I've considered a non-unibody machine. I just don't want anything less than what I have now (2.2 C2D 8600GT Dell) because I still have PC software I have to be able to run. I'm also concerned about the 8600gt failure rate. I have...
Well they're gaining me. I haven't owned a new Mac since my 2001 Ibook. If Apple doesn't introduce a new machine by Tuesday, then I'm buying a 2.8 Mbp. Can't wait any longer. I need a Mac regardless. Its better than what I have now. I kicked myself though. My dad offered me his 8600 gt mbp back in November for cheap and I thought new mbp's would be out sooner so he sold it to someone else.
If there are no updates by the 16th, I'm buying a current generation MBP.
Luckily, I don't think there are too many professional photographers editing photos on their phones. I don't see why any of this really matters.
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