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I suggest you find a used Dell Ultrasharp 2405fpw. The older Dell screens have the nicer IPS lcds and by benefit of being old are cheaper - maybe $200-300.
I guess you can't delete a comment.
The i7-620M IS the top of the line for Arrandale, but I wouldn't expect it to be the "upgrade" processor - maybe they will have an optional Claksdale 720QM as the upgrade.
The Arrandale chip is NOT quad-core, it is dual core. the designation is i7-620M (no Q). Unlike the C2D, that have the idle/turbo mode that saves power under low processor load. The Clarksdale Core i7-720QM processor are QUAD core and get crotch-burning hot and suck battery like like crazy, but they are basically designed to be used in desktop replacement "laptops". I think Apple will use Arrandale (I hope), but the hurdle is going to be how they decide to do...
Heh. The original netbook would be maybe the Duo or the Powerbook 2400... The 12" Powerbook is more the MBA now - thin and powerful.
I don't know what they added but it wasn't MBP's. They always show the little yellow post-it that says "We'll be right back". Maybe your DNS lost connection to their site...?I think the retailers are just anticipating the refresh. No one knows for sure it's coming yet - only that it should be coming.
Usually Appleinsider has news of reports of limited stock of an item if it's about to be replaced.
I am hoping the new Arrandale MBP's will be cooler than the current C2D's. That would be a feature worth waiting for.
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