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Someone needs to write an OS X emulator to run on this thing.
I think Apple expect developers to make this product great. Apple's own software is so underwhelming.
Actually not graphics issues. I'm having problems with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office that I wasn't having under 7 RC.
I run Windows specific graphics-intensive applications. I am f-ing tired of windows 7 (64) it's given me so much trouble. I want to go mac, but I refuse to pay 2x as much as a current windows laptop that that has inferior hardware (that I need).
I was thinking that they had all their resources in the iPad basket but they have separate divisions for hardware at Apple (embedded vs. intel also) - besides, the level of secrecy involved in the tablet, laptop engineers were not working on it. They may be having problems with the new intel embedded graphics snafu and also probably didn't want to take any wind out of the iPad sails (they'll need all they can get. Lol).
I can't justify Apple prices for the same generation of hardware that I have now.
It's not just the processors. The Macbook Pro's video hardware is really outdated vs. the PC industry. Apple HAS TO KEEP UP WITH PCs if they want to provide the ability to run windows.
Because it would be silly to buy a current C2D when all the other PC boys are running core i5, i7. I need a Mac, but I'm not replacing my 2 year old C2D Dell with another C2D.
I'm not buying a new macbook pro unless it has an i7 620 core. And with the integrated graphics problem it's going to have to be some real announcement. Maybe they'll be 'one more thing'.
I just hate my dell, and I can't justify replacing it with another core2duo machine (especially not at Apple's price). I'm just afraid that with all the focus on the (stupid) tablet, there won't be room to announce new MBPs.
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