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Meet… the iCaravan
Hey, compared to the other Steve Jobs movies out there, this one should easily trump them all. And, Steve Jobs was in many ways similar to Magneto, so there is that.
Gobble gobble gobble
I thought that shazam is now for the most part built into Siri, making it redundant? 
Well that's true. I've been paying between $80-$120 for the last 10 years actually but only because every year or two I switch back and forth between Cablevision and FIOS. Last week I was back to Cablevision and for the first time my promotional price is not below $100… They are finally working together to raise prices
I pay around $120 for cable, land line, and internet. Standard Triple Play discount. If I cancel cable part, then internet alone jumps up to $60 or more. Add that to your $30 AppleTV bill….
My 2014 BMW has the feature to let my iPhone open the doors disabled in the USA, and autostart features are not offered by BMW for cars sold in the US. The tech has been here for years but the auto manufacturers are held back by lawsuits and insurance companies. We won't be seeing any of these cool features any time soon here in the USA.
As a photo retoucher who is used to retouching at 100% 1 to 1 pixel size, this new wave of technology is going to make me blind.
Sapphire = Aluminum Oxide.   Our new iPhones will be made of TRANSPARENT ALUMINUM! Plus some air. Thanks to Scotty when he came back in time and used a Mac Plus to share the formula with us when he needed a quick tank to hold a couple of whales inside a Klingon Battlecruiser.
Yes I am pretty sure OP was being sarcastic and witty. Or, as you imply, perhaps I gave him too much credit and he was really just ignorant about the most famous industrial design every-day electrical appliance of the last 50 years.
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