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Sapphire = Aluminum Oxide.   Our new iPhones will be made of TRANSPARENT ALUMINUM! Plus some air. Thanks to Scotty when he came back in time and used a Mac Plus to share the formula with us when he needed a quick tank to hold a couple of whales inside a Klingon Battlecruiser.
Yes I am pretty sure OP was being sarcastic and witty. Or, as you imply, perhaps I gave him too much credit and he was really just ignorant about the most famous industrial design every-day electrical appliance of the last 50 years.
HAHA! Good one! My neighbor still has the original honeywell as their main thermostat. It's cool and all, but seriously, they have to adjust it 5 times a day!
I respectfully disagree. Jobs always poked fun at Windows in many of his speeches during conferences. This is no different.
I'm a big fan of dropbox and it costs me $10/month, but if iCloud filesharing is as fast as dropbox there is no reason to stay with dropbox anymore. iCloud will be more seamless, especially with the new iCould based iPhoto update that will be embedded. It really boils down to, can the apple servers and server software keep up and be as fast as Dropbox which runs on Amazon S3?
A slab of burnt toast from Slovenia shows the face of Steve Jobs on it!
Exactly.The second I see an ad on my Nest, it is coming off the wall.
Except as in the macbook's, the apple logo uses no electricity as it is simply a frosted rear window of the LCD screen and is lit up by the backlights already in use for the screen.
Jobs wasn't pushed to leave Apple in 1986. You meant 1996.
Well you are one of the lucky ones, but you'd be the first I ever met. Every poweruser I know has frequent trouble syncing their iPhones. I have spent 5+ hours on the phone with apple support in the last few years trying to resolve the many sync issues for which there are no solutions on the apple discussion threads after years of the same problems. These problems are mostly revolving around syncing photo libraries with iPhoto but I also often have issues with keeping...
New Posts  All Forums: