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I love my very apple-like Nest and this news troubles me... The Nest is a very un-Android-like device. I hope they don't ruin it.
A music debate on AppleInsider!   I grew up in the 70's and 80's and was raised on 80's pop and "new Wave". It was fun and new but 99% of it is extremely simple and childish when I listen to my old favorites today. There has never been a better time for music than today. Lorde is 17 and her songs are more unique and complex than almost everything from the 80s. But there are always great songs made in every decade. Most music is crap, but you can find moving songs from...
Love my NEST. Also love their tech support. They are a new company and they strive to keep customers happy. Their support and the user experience is very Apple-like.
Agreed. A phone should be as small as possible. When I want to read the NY Times I use an iPad. Men keep phones in their pockets. Make a big phablet for women- fine. Just don't get rid of the thin narrow phones as an option.
WHere's all the WIRES?? I get the wireless keyboard and mouse but I didn't know the screen and macPro are wireless as well!
nice monkey face.
 +1Life is too short to type 4 digits to access your phone 55 times a day. Maybe if I was the president, or a secret agent.. It would be a matter of national security if someone were to like, read my emails if they stole my phone.
2nd gen Nest user. These other devices that some think are competitors are like comparing an iPhone5 to an old blackberry. My nest is amazing. The iPhone app duplicating the nest screen couldn't be simpler. My house has a more uniform temperature thanks to the Nest intelligence. The Nest is perfect in every way.
Besides the loss of iDisk, it was nice to send a video or a photo gallery to someone and have it say "Made on a mac" at the bottom. Apple lost a lot of free advertising when they dropped the gallery, which was far better than any free gallery solutions to this day.
With another billion spent on iCloud, will Apple ever make it as useful as Mac.com was 10 years ago? Who do Apple users have to resort to using Dropbox, which seems to be the new "mac" standard among the Apple faithful that are my peers? Dropbox works just fine actually. Apple should just buy them and incorporate Dropbox into iCloud since the current iCloud features are all but useless to most users.
New Posts  All Forums: