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Besides the loss of iDisk, it was nice to send a video or a photo gallery to someone and have it say "Made on a mac" at the bottom. Apple lost a lot of free advertising when they dropped the gallery, which was far better than any free gallery solutions to this day.
With another billion spent on iCloud, will Apple ever make it as useful as Mac.com was 10 years ago? Who do Apple users have to resort to using Dropbox, which seems to be the new "mac" standard among the Apple faithful that are my peers? Dropbox works just fine actually. Apple should just buy them and incorporate Dropbox into iCloud since the current iCloud features are all but useless to most users.
Ah, so that is why apple stock is down another 7 today.
Ordered mine at 6am. Went for the 27, maxed out with 3TB Fusion drive, top CPU and top video card. Base RAM though as you always save a few hundred buying aftermarket and it doesn't void apple's service contracts. Found 32GB RAM for 144 on Newegg! I have never had nearly that much RAM before. Exciting stuff.
I am glad I saw this article, as I thought my iPhone might be having a hardware issue. Now that I know it is just a bug all worries are gone.
color me confused as well. Maybe there is a 21 inch iPad coming out.
I know for a fact that Apple wants to switch to clear crystal cubes instead of chip made by any company. Apple cares about the design aesthetics of their innards as well as their case designs. Think of how cool the Apple Cube could have looked if it was totally clear. Both Superman's people from Krypton and Star Trek's federation use this technology, and Apple has always wanted to be more like those guys than like Microsoft.
Thy most likely aren't selling one because the new form factor came out. I expect Apple to create one soon. If not others will be making them once they reverse engineer the lightning chip. There is money to be made here.
It is a no-brainer that a dock would and will sell if apple makes one. People like them on their work desk, and I like mine on my nightstand where my iPhone sleeps and performs one of its many duties as my alarm clock.
In New York the map is dead-on where I live and much prettier and faster than Google Maps. I love the 3D view and how street names scale with perspective. The turn-by-turn is much needed as for whatever reason Google Maps didn't include it or they were never allowed to on the iApp. Whatever. I am seeing it work perfectly in my location so once Apple fixes the maps in the rest of your locations you will probably like it too. I hear the fly-over has lots of bugs but that is...
New Posts  All Forums: