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Apple really needs to reinvent the box. They are clearly not leaders anymore, since they are still using the same old rectangular cardboard boxes. THey have lost their edge.
The analysts pretty much get it wrong every time. Lets see. The iPod will never sell for the premium price over other MP3s. The iPhone will never make it in an established phone market of Nokia and Motorola phones. The iPad is just a big iPhone and it will never sell because it doesn't have a full OS like PC tablets. The iMac looks like a toy and doesn't ahve a floppy so it won't change the world of computers forever. The Macbook Air is too expensive and has no optical...
I am glad to see I am not the only one. Last year I moved all my stocks to AAPL against the advice of every expert on the planet. granted I know they are 100% correct that it is stupid to put your eggs in one basket, and I don't plan on keeping it all in AAPL for long because they have a point. On the other hand in all likelihood AAPL won't crash any harder than any other stock in the near future, and I have other investments like a house, a wife, kids, a motorcycle,...
The use synthetic sapphire crystal for the lens, just like any high end watch. It is man made but yes it is still technically sapphire.
Slow day, AppleInsider?
I usually love AppleInsider articles but this one smells bad, especially after reading the comments from Android users explaining that their maps have been vector for a few years now. I hope AppleInsider corrects their errors.
You are missing nothing. I tried Chrome to see what the fuss was about but all it offers is the same internet you are familiar with except for an ugly no frills interface. Stick with Safari as it will always be updated alongside your operating system so it will never be broken. I could understand using other browsers if Safari sucked, but safar is fast, syncs with all my devices, and matches my other iApps. It is one of the pleasures of using an apple system.
Totally true. Hardware profiling. Android users can't even comprehend the existence of my super hot wife.
Agreed. I don't need 3D drawn maps. Street view is all that matters, and turn-by-turn GPS would be a great way to compete with Android phones that have this feature without buying 3rd party GPS programs.
What concerns me is that I have the money and the desire to buy all of Apple's highest end products. However, people who are willing to pay a premium for a TV aren't going to settle for a 50 inch or smaller. If I am going to buy a new HDTV it is going to be at least 60 and probably 65 inches. My old 50 inch is just too small now that I have seen the 65 inch TVs that my friends have and Costco's has them for just $2500.   I have seen most rumors stating TV sizes...
New Posts  All Forums: