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Yes, the real color is closer to pure white than this. The camera has white balanced to the incandescent lighting in the room and the white screen is much cooler than the lightbulbs. I agree that it still should not look this blue anyway. It seems like the camera must have really exaggerated the cooler white point of the screen for some reason. I still have my Mac 128! It is a standard 3.5 inch floppy one though. I am waiting for it to be worth 100 grand too...
How about the AppleTV TV? Or, the "AppleTV with a Real TV Attached To It", or, ATVWARTVATI for short?
You can't be Siri-ous.
The fact that a million people have walked though the door of that Apple store instead of smashing into the glass wall should tell you something. This is my local Apple Store 5 minutes from my house. I know the glass facade of this store. It is immediately obvious that there is a door to this store and that the glass walls on either side are not one big, open entranceway. That would mean this 100 foot wide store is completely open to the outside air, as if the entire store...
haha. I thought I was seeing double for a second. I almost replied right now including the entire post but I am not sure you all would find that funny. So my neighbor tells me UPS came and delivered our iPads. I am stuck at work all day...I want to go HOME! If any of you are good hackers, you can find my home address and pick up a free 64GB iPad by my side door.
Hey, didn't I see you post on Engaget? Your android is also beter because it docks into a mouse, full size keyboard, and rolling desk chair with buttons on the arm rests like Captain Kirk!
I am the opposite of a stock expert, but I have been an apple guy since my dad brought home a mac SE in 1986. Recently I noticed that the 50% of my rolled over 401k that I put in AAPL was doing great, while the other funds were doing nothing. So a few weeks ago doubled my shares to 300 by selling my other stocks and funds putting all of that IRA money into apple. Every day I sit here as my account gains about $2000 a day, thinking "Holy cow this is FUN!" and yet I know it...
I ordered yesterday as soon as I could get through. I chose an engraving and concluded my order about an hour after the apple keynote had finished. This morning I woke to an email that my iPad is ready! A later email gave me the tracking info and said that my package left china on the airplane at 9:30pm today. (Their 9:30 as it is not even night in NY where I live) My iPad is scheduled to arrive on friday though of the 16th, as planned. I guess it takes a while to go...
yes, Photo journal can replace Gallery it seems. Only I see no info on whether you can download hi rez images from a web page which is key for me.
I agree about the annoying childish smiles. But that was funny!
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