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I am glad I saw this article, as I thought my iPhone might be having a hardware issue. Now that I know it is just a bug all worries are gone.
color me confused as well. Maybe there is a 21 inch iPad coming out.
I know for a fact that Apple wants to switch to clear crystal cubes instead of chip made by any company. Apple cares about the design aesthetics of their innards as well as their case designs. Think of how cool the Apple Cube could have looked if it was totally clear. Both Superman's people from Krypton and Star Trek's federation use this technology, and Apple has always wanted to be more like those guys than like Microsoft.
Thy most likely aren't selling one because the new form factor came out. I expect Apple to create one soon. If not others will be making them once they reverse engineer the lightning chip. There is money to be made here.
It is a no-brainer that a dock would and will sell if apple makes one. People like them on their work desk, and I like mine on my nightstand where my iPhone sleeps and performs one of its many duties as my alarm clock.
In New York the map is dead-on where I live and much prettier and faster than Google Maps. I love the 3D view and how street names scale with perspective. The turn-by-turn is much needed as for whatever reason Google Maps didn't include it or they were never allowed to on the iApp. Whatever. I am seeing it work perfectly in my location so once Apple fixes the maps in the rest of your locations you will probably like it too. I hear the fly-over has lots of bugs but that is...
Apple really needs to reinvent the box. They are clearly not leaders anymore, since they are still using the same old rectangular cardboard boxes. THey have lost their edge.
The analysts pretty much get it wrong every time. Lets see. The iPod will never sell for the premium price over other MP3s. The iPhone will never make it in an established phone market of Nokia and Motorola phones. The iPad is just a big iPhone and it will never sell because it doesn't have a full OS like PC tablets. The iMac looks like a toy and doesn't ahve a floppy so it won't change the world of computers forever. The Macbook Air is too expensive and has no optical...
I am glad to see I am not the only one. Last year I moved all my stocks to AAPL against the advice of every expert on the planet. granted I know they are 100% correct that it is stupid to put your eggs in one basket, and I don't plan on keeping it all in AAPL for long because they have a point. On the other hand in all likelihood AAPL won't crash any harder than any other stock in the near future, and I have other investments like a house, a wife, kids, a motorcycle,...
The use synthetic sapphire crystal for the lens, just like any high end watch. It is man made but yes it is still technically sapphire.
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