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Angry Bird!
Works in Safari 5.0.5 Rather impressive
The way this thread is going is akin to deconstructing a joke. Is it futile? Let's have a heated debate.
I visited New York and Texas for the first time in April this year from the UK and purchased my first and last Samsung phone. Samsung SGH-T105 $9.99 TracFone. I brought this sorry piece of crap back to the UK but left the charger and everything else associated with it, in New York. How Border Control let me back in the country carrying such a dangerous and offensive weapon is indefensible. Questions should be asked in Parliament about this kind of threat to national...
On January 13th this year I had a major spat with my head of department. On the 17th I subsequently took 6 months sick leave on full pay. The day I went off sick I closed my Facebook Account to avoid any temptation to 'diss' my employer. I've never reactivated it. Instead we engaged in a game of email chess. Trying to outmanoeuvre each other with dialectics. I returned to work in July having achieved Checkmate. They have kept well away from me since my return.
I work on a Cancer ward were a patient with Pancreatic Cancer was on the Care of the Dying Pathway. I was having a normal lucid conversation with him one day, then 3 days later after my days off I came back to work were he was unconscious and in the end stage of life. He passed away 2 days later. So in the space of 5 days he went from having all of his faculties to passing away, he was in his 40's. There's a possibility that Steve Jobs may have been actively engaged in...
The Day Apple release a 64GB iPhone is the day I relinquish my 64GB Touch. I guess I'll be holding onto my Touch for quite some time... Having said that I'm down to just 1.5GB of free space on my Touch! Capacity is my main reason for not getting an iPhone.
Um. Safari crashed 3 times today when I was using Google Maps with street view flash enabled. I was planning a route that I had not driven for years and used the pictures to remind me of where I was going. Safari didn't like it one bit and crashed every time. Re-enabled ClickToFlash and gave up using that part of Google Maps
That's naughty! Data Rescue II is the most likely candidate to recover your data. It will probably recover the .mpg Transport Stream files from the .eyetv recording package folders. I have never used my internal hard drive with EyeTV. The risk of loosing data is too high for me. I only use an external Firewire 800 Drive and another USB Drive as a backup for EyeTV. All 150 GB's of data in my EyeTV have been prepared for Wi-Fi access so I can watch them on my iPod Touch,...
I would buy one. I don't have a TV! I use my iMac G5 PPC 20" as my TV. I'm just CRAZY!
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