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Those are the least interesting pictures I've ever seen.
A screen thats backlit with Light Emitting Diodes Heres some info from the very site you are browsing:While pricer than CCFLs, LED technology is more efficient at distributing lighting evenly across the entire display surface and offers an increase in color saturation. According to a white paper from Cree, a backlight solutions provider expected to provide its LED technology to Apple, LED-based backlights also consume less power, run cooler, and last longer than...
Its like a coating they spray on/stick on/whatever.
I think they're all glossy, no choice.
Maybe it's cheaper? I dunno the thing only cost like 1K. I'm surprised it's as good as it is. Now begins the wait for a black Pro. I know Sony and some other companies market it as their own with different names for "glare reduction".
I hate you
No, I hate cheerios more than I hate numeric keypads.
Shapeshifter pretty much crashes my machine at least 3 times a day. I wish Apple would just drop the brushed metal and stick with the Spotlight show all theme. Or at least have an option that says "Brushed Metal" and one that says "Universal Aqua" or some crap. It wouldn't be that hard. Im tired of this mix and match shit.
Make sure you get the student discount. And anyways, I have a personal rule to not buy revision A hardware. Wait until the 15's are updated, which total speculation will tell you they will be updated when the 12 and 17's are added to the line. Plus it gives them to work out the flaws and bugs that come with this kind of thing, hardware-wise.
I would use Pathfinder all day long if it wasnt for the fact that its impossible to keep the Finder quit. Whenever you open an app in Pathfinder, the Finder opens and then it opens the app.
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