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 Currently the software that I use doesn't benefit from the graphics card.  I need cores, powerful cores.  The new pros aren't fast enough to justify upgrading.  I wish they would have at least made it dual socket.  Then two of the fast 8 cores would do some damage.
I would have upgraded to a new mac pro if the kept the old form factor. I'm probably the only one though.
I wonder what version of OS X will bring a useable version of Quicktime X?
I'd like to know how many of these go out the door every day? 10? 100? 1000? or?
I'd like to see Apple release an iPhone mini...  one that fits in my pocket like my silly flip phone does.. 
Last time I checked iOS devices use a CPU, an operating system, and run programs...and if anything are even more personal than any other computer I can think of.  For consumers, the home work station might be dying, but not personal computers.  
All these upgrades could have been done to the old design, while maintaining a dual processor option.  For professionals like me, who need CPU power, this new machine isn't much of an upgrade over the old machines, which after 3 years of waiting is pathetic.  All the studios I've been freelancing at agree.  Hopefully Apple will fill the gap, but doubt it.
Not looking forward to seeing how bad the Cinebench scores are...though I do want to see them.
I really wish they would have just upgraded the old model.    Kept the card slots, drive bays, dual CPU option, upgradable graphics cards... everything in a nice enclosure.   Would have been easy to add SSD, TB2, and USB3..  would still have ports on the front...  could stay on the floor...  
Now that we know what it is and at least the starting price...  How do you all feel? 
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