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The current Mac Pro 2.93 gets a 15.21 on cinebench...  The new mac pro, that we've been waiting years for...scores 17.63.  Apple should remove their 2x processing power from their product page for the new mac pro.  
How the new Mac Pro was designed....   VIDEO
That is some ugly.
That ad reminds me so much of Reagan's Morning In America ad...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU-IBF8nwSY   It makes it difficult for me to watch... 
Yes, the display is going to be cylindrical just like the mac pro, it will actually stand on top of it using the mac pro as a base. Therefor allowing multiple people to worship around the device.  
OUCH!  If the test score number is near the same when the final 2013 Mac Pro is released, that is simply going to be embarrassing for Apple.
What would you rather have?   An updated 2012 Mac Pro with dual CPUs, card slots, drive bays, updated to current tech, or the newly announced 2013 Mac Pro?
In less than a day... instructions how to crack the CC suite are now online...  So I certainly doubt piracy had any part of Adobe's decision to go the rental route...as they also would have made it a lot more difficult to pirate...as it turns out it's quite simple.
All that matters is Cinebench scores...  Let's see some numbers.
Yes, the new Xeons are 12 cores...   http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Intel-Xeon-Ivy-Bridge-EP-Server,21972.html   Apple should have built this as a dual processor box.
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