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Their job postings are sounding like keynote speeches...
This can/will happen to the iPhone one day. It's inevitable. But I do like the fact that there's a company doing their best to prevent such a thing from happening.
A very expensive consumer display. I wish Apple would put out "pro" displays for the "pro" market.
I hope the new displays aren't glossy or at least have a matte option. Glossy screens are impossible to use in my work space.
As a "Pro" user, every speed increase is a welcome increase. Time truly is money in my business. It's absolutely shameful that it's taking this long for a new machine. So long I've been considering other options, which is not what I'd like to do, but when you have competition, it's something that needs consideration. I would welcome updates as often as they could appear.
About damn time!!!!!!
You just need a little iTape to fix the problem...
I wish Apple would enter the search sector.
No iPhone for Verizon...
I am waiting. I have a first gen 8 core 3ghz.. it's time for an upgrade! It's just taking sooo long...but I'll just have to be patient. It's not life or death for me on upgrading.. I would just like to soon.
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