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Is Apple skipping the 6 core, and waiting for the 8 core? http://www.intel.com/pressroom/archi...090526comp.htm It seems Apple has had the opportunity for a while to introduce the 6 core chip...but hasn't.. So I'm guessing we're waiting for the 8 core chips... Any thoughts?
Looks like I'm going to wait a while longer before I switch to this phone.. Bummer.
I think this would be awesome if Apple actually manufactured in the US. Apple is basically a foreign company with a US Headquarters/R&D these days.
They're just not trying hard enough. There's plenty of room out there for new TV related products.
AT&T can suck it.
Umm.. Applesoft is Microsoft. Know your history.
Obviously you were asleep when Bush was handing out the bailout checks. Also, the reason Apple is focused on by the DoJ is because of the large share of Apple controlled music sales. The labels don't want that, just as much as Apple's competition. Music execs believe that if Apple didn't have a stranglehold on them, they could charge more for their music and increase their profit margin. Which, as a Republican, I'm surprised you're not supporting.
Looking forward to my first iPhone.. The design is sweet!
The media and the public deserve to know all information pertaining to the case. This is a public law enforcement agency and public court system. There should always be transparency where public tax dollars are spent. I do have a major problem with people taking something that doesn't belong to them and then selling it for profit, and the receiver knowing it was stolen and using it for profit.
New Posts  All Forums: