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All signs are pointing to Apple returning to the G5 PPC processor for their Mac Pro line of computers. Since they can't seem to make any steps forward, steps backwards is the logical conclusion.
This thing has to be a turd.
Apple hates professionals.
This has to be a joke.
well this looks f**king horrible.
I wish Apple would do a better job and making their products useless to thieves. Better lockout and reactivation tech.
It's iTunes for children and old people.
If it has anything to do with professional users, it wouldn't surprise me if Apple is dumping it. Apple doesn't give a shit about professional video/audio users. Painfully obvious by the complete lack of Mac Pro updates. No Quicktime X Pro, and that crappy first run of Final Cut Pro X which I don't know a single person in the industry that uses it. They're all still using v7, or switched to Avid.
Maybe the market is reacting to how the company is doing without Steve. There's been a lot of mistakes and very little being done about them. The product lines are turning into a mess with updates taking longer and then delays in delivery. If we're seeing the future of Apple, we will soon be talking about the good ol' days in the not too distant future.
New Posts  All Forums: