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Already jumped through the hoop for one transition. The next hoop will be to PCs that run the software I need. I'd have a hard time seeing professionals staying with Apple if they did this.
Yes, it's true. Apple does with it's Macs that PC makers are afraid to do. WAIT FOREVER TO UPDATE THEM.
$500 more for a flash drive, retina display...but a slower processor!?!?! Or comparing retina to retina, $300 difference for for 128gb more storage!?!?!
While waiting for an update.  Anyone have good current hackintosh plans?  I need a temporary upgrade 'til the new pro is released.  Would rather not give up OS X.
Every time Apple adds "PRO" onto any of their software titles, it just means it's now unusable by professionals.
Agreed..  I'm now switching my bookmark to the archive page.  It's not as good as it was before, but at least it's useable..     http://appleinsider.com/archives/
I come to this site by habit.  That habit is being broken by this new design.
I used to like visiting this site as I could easily read the headlines without scrolling.  Now it's just a pain in the ass and difficult to look at.   I'm obviously not the target audience so I'll be moving along...  This is actually a good thing as I was getting really sick of all the lawsuit news items.
The last thing in the world I need is better facebook integration.  What happens when Facebook falls of the Earth??  You have all this bloated crap in your OS.
Think Different.  This is what they're doing.
New Posts  All Forums: