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Agreed..  I'm now switching my bookmark to the archive page.  It's not as good as it was before, but at least it's useable..     http://appleinsider.com/archives/
I come to this site by habit.  That habit is being broken by this new design.
I used to like visiting this site as I could easily read the headlines without scrolling.  Now it's just a pain in the ass and difficult to look at.   I'm obviously not the target audience so I'll be moving along...  This is actually a good thing as I was getting really sick of all the lawsuit news items.
The last thing in the world I need is better facebook integration.  What happens when Facebook falls of the Earth??  You have all this bloated crap in your OS.
Think Different.  This is what they're doing.
It's sad that these commercial even aired.  When Steve said they shouldn't try to think like him, they shouldn't have listened.
Just like everything else they do that involves an internet connection, they're just doing it wrong.  
FB is taking quite the hit currently in after hours.  lost 8.5% today during regular trading, down another 7.6% currently in after hours.  That is painful.
Looks like the second OS that I will not be buying.  
PR blitz as Facebook (FB) stock drops like a rock. 
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