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It's sad that these commercial even aired.  When Steve said they shouldn't try to think like him, they shouldn't have listened.
Just like everything else they do that involves an internet connection, they're just doing it wrong.  
FB is taking quite the hit currently in after hours.  lost 8.5% today during regular trading, down another 7.6% currently in after hours.  That is painful.
Looks like the second OS that I will not be buying.  
PR blitz as Facebook (FB) stock drops like a rock. 
Steve dies, Apple missteps are growing in number.  It's sad watching this.
  What I like about the Surface Pro is that all my music production software and graphics apps will work on it.  NONE of them will work on an iPad.  I could care less about the bells and whistles and fancy streamers hanging off the handlebars of an iPad if it doesn't do what I need it to do.   The mistake Microsoft is making is trying to compete with Apple in the iOS space.  Forget that, leave it to Apple.  Microsoft needs to focus on the professional market.  The rest...
I do like Microsoft's incorporation of a PC based processor into their Surface which will run PC software and have usable USB ports.  In my business, this is a better and more useful direction for a tablet, showing that the iPad is really just for games and internet access and not work.  I see a place for both.
They would have shipped a bunch of Mac Pros if there were updated.
I didin't buy a new Mac because Apple hasn't released an updated Mac Pro! 
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