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Would this then be the New New iPad?
For me personally, I would consider the Pro Surface over an iPad due to the USB ports and being able to run the audio/music software that I use (nothing even comparable available for iPad).  This would actually be a professional solution to my portable needs.  All speculation until the thing is available though.
Microsoft's "partners" are going to be so upset they're going to... keep using windows.
It still doesn't do enough for me though.  Maybe in a few more generations and add a proper USB ports.
USB!!  Thank you!  If my audio software will run on this and my USB audio devices work..  I'm sold.
And some people think Mac Pros are expensive.
They have the slowest photocopiers.
For the average person. this is going to make things very confusing.
Anyone have a link from Apple's official statement?   This is from Forbes:   "Apple said today that it is working on new models and designs for its Macintosh desktops — the Mac and the Mac Pro — and that they will likely be released in 2013.   The company confirmed a New York Times report, citing an unnamed Apple executive yesterday, that new desktops are in play. That comes after it was criticized yesterday by Apple loyalists including Andy Hertzfeld for...
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