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MD770LL/A – K5BPLUS,BETTER, BTR-USA  MD771LL/A – K5BPLUS,BEST,BTR-USA  MD772LL/A – K5BPLUS,ULTIMATE,BTR-USA   Anyone care to speculate on the configurations?
Marvin, you're obviously very bright and resourceful, but some real world professional experience would do you wonders.  
It gives your laptop a few extra ports.  That does not make a laptop into a desktop.  
This is a very poor decision by Apple and to me, simply scary.   And for everyone else, what happens when Facebook is just another deadspace?  
I hope this is true.  Looking forward to a new box!  I hope it's around Mid-July or sooner...  I'll be done with the movie project I'm on and free to upgrade!
Maybe they can reinvent the mini usb port.  WHOA!!!
Spotify is going to fail.  Label after label are pulling their music from the service.
I'd like to see a movie that picks up where Pirates of Silicon Valley left off..  It'd be pretty easy for drama...two key points..  The first is the fight to save Apple, the second is to put that dent in the universe before finally succumbing to cancer.  Many points of drama based on time running out.  
Hopefully they'll ask him about the future of the PRO market.
  I'm in the market for the fastest Mac Pro they come out with.  But it has to be on par with the competing PCs.  Fastest duel 8 core xeon processors available.  I'm looking to spend between $8-$10k.
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