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I just wish Apple would let this segment of computer users know if they should switch to PC now or wait for a new Mac Pro.   For me, there is no other options...  
If I wasn't on a job until mid July I would have switched to PC already.     If there was a new Mac Pro out tomorrow, I would buy it tomorrow.   I know I'm not the only broadcast designer that needs new hardware to stay competitive.  
I like physical input devices.  As I work my hands will rest on the keyboard, or mouse.  I would hate to have to keep lifting my hands or keep them elevated except when inputing.  This would also lead to all sorts of new carpel tunnel issues.
The one company I trust acquires the company I trust the least.  This is not good news to me.
I would hope that's what he'd say everyday.  
I remember the founders of HP making fun of that garage.
Does this mean they're going to go back into the server market?!?!?  HAHAHAHA... 
That's a big ship to change course..  Not going to happen in the short amount of time he has been there.  This is going to take years.
Greenpeace sometimes makes me want to burn styrofoam.
    My profession requires a tower with as many cores as possible, cranking out renders for movies and broadcast.  Until Maxon, Autodesk, and Adobe make it possible to use less power to do professional work without connecting to the internet, this will always be the case.  The studios that put out the movies I work on require that the machines/servers that their movies are on can not be connected to the internet.  They even go as far as require that all the USB, Firewire,...
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