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Maybe they can reinvent the mini usb port.  WHOA!!!
Spotify is going to fail.  Label after label are pulling their music from the service.
I'd like to see a movie that picks up where Pirates of Silicon Valley left off..  It'd be pretty easy for drama...two key points..  The first is the fight to save Apple, the second is to put that dent in the universe before finally succumbing to cancer.  Many points of drama based on time running out.  
Hopefully they'll ask him about the future of the PRO market.
  I'm in the market for the fastest Mac Pro they come out with.  But it has to be on par with the competing PCs.  Fastest duel 8 core xeon processors available.  I'm looking to spend between $8-$10k.
I just wish Apple would let this segment of computer users know if they should switch to PC now or wait for a new Mac Pro.   For me, there is no other options...  
If I wasn't on a job until mid July I would have switched to PC already.     If there was a new Mac Pro out tomorrow, I would buy it tomorrow.   I know I'm not the only broadcast designer that needs new hardware to stay competitive.  
I like physical input devices.  As I work my hands will rest on the keyboard, or mouse.  I would hate to have to keep lifting my hands or keep them elevated except when inputing.  This would also lead to all sorts of new carpel tunnel issues.
The one company I trust acquires the company I trust the least.  This is not good news to me.
I would hope that's what he'd say everyday.  
New Posts  All Forums: