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I'm hoping for Sling TV and Amazon Prime instant video apps.  If I get those I will be buying one...but without those it will be hard to justify unless Apple's streaming TV service (whenever that thing finally gets here) is very compelling.
Once the Sling TV app and Amazon Prime Instant Video app are available on Apple TV I will be happy.
T-Mobile will also pay all of your cancellation fees to get out of your contract with another carrier. In fact, I think they may also pay off the remaining financing on your phone too, if you then turn it in to them when you move to T-Mobile.
 If it costs $5/mo for the phone for 18 months (net) that means you only pay $90 for the phone there...add in the $150 to $228 you quote to buy out the phone and you end up only paying $240 to $318 for an iPhone 6S.  To me that is one heck of a deal.  It's much better than any other carrier deal at the moment.
The liability for self driving cars will be enormous for any manufacturer. I just don't see it being a viable option due to the legal system, not due to any technical reason. There's a similar issue with air delivery drones, the liability, for example, when the drone crashes onto a road causing a major traffic accident would just be too high to justify the revenue from operation.
The T-Mobile deal is quite a bit better, though you then have to be on the T-Mobile network.
Yeah I do not think those are salary numbers either...it looks like total income reported on IRS tax returns to me.  However, that still looks astronomical based on what his actual "salary" should be (probably under $250K/yr even at Apple).
I'm not sure where the savings are on this Apple plan either as when I compare it to my AT&T Next 20 month payment plan the cost comes out exactly the same.   I bought an iPhone 6S Plus and paid for Apple Care+ last year.  When you take the monthly phone payment times the number of months it comes out exactly the same as the Apple upgrade version....the only advantage I can see is you get a fully unlocked phone, but the carriers are now required to unlock your phone for...
I'm hoping the Apple TV streaming service has the networks split off into their own pay Tier so you don't waste money on them if you can get them with an HD antennae for free.  Then I hope they have as many sports as possible in their own Tier also, and they need both ESPN stations and Fox Sports 1 and 2 for me to be happy.   Then on the normal tv channels...they need all that Sling TV has but add in Sci-Fi, Discovery, BBC America, and I will be happy.   All channels...
I'm not sure if this story is about something new or not, but this technology has been used in game by Sony Online Entertainment (which was just purchased by Daybreak games) since at least 2012 in the game Everquest 2. They call it SOEmote. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/SOEmote-EverQuest-SOE-MMORPG-Live-Driver,16701.html
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