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I sure hope they aren't adding the actual broadcast networks to their base package and then actually paying for it (and thus increasing the cost to subscribers) since the massive majority of people can get these channels for free using an HDTV antennae. That would be mistake number one, the second would be forcing people to have ESPN and other sports stations on their base package (and thus increasing the price all consumers have to pay for the service). The way to make...
The only question I want answered is will the Big Bang Theory current season and past season shows be available?
"Suppliers must do this or they're loose Apple's business, Cook said." AI really needs to do some rudimentary proofreading, their "Quotes" make Cook appear to have the education of a 3rd grader.
I think I'm also having worse battery life. Last night when I went to bed my iphone was sitting calmly on a table, not plugged in...the battery percentage was probably in the 75% to 85% range...no gps icon on in the upper right...this morning I get up and the battery is down to 25%. Losing 50% of the battery over night in standby mode is not very good. This is all with the new 5.0.1 update installed.
You can produce electricity from a variety of methods all can then be used to create the hydrogen from seawater. Hydrogen fuel cells are just a form of battery and with them you have the choice on how to charge them (produce the hydrogen). No reason you couldn't use hydro-plants, nuclear plants, solar plants, or wind plants to produce the hydrogen and then you can claim it's a green source of energy (have to love the false label though of "green" for non-CO2 producing...
If the LTE iPhone comes out in June AT&T won't have much of an LTE network by then, so I would expect a mass exodus to Verizon who already covers almost the entire nation.
Itunes Match is going to be US only to start, it has to do with negotiating the rights issues with content owners for the various other nations. Therefore, no you shouldn't see an option to turn on Itunes Match if you are not in the US.
It's a big problem. For example, years ago I set up my apple id as my gmail.com email address since Apple didn't have a free email service yet. Now when icloud came out it had me log in with my current apple id and then i created a me.com email address. Now my me.com address is linked to my apple id under my gmail.com address. I cannot delete the gmail.com apple ID (as I want to completely stop using gmail and move to me.com) eventhough my me.com email address lets me...
Has Google EVER actually been innovative and created something new? They copied internet search from other search engines... They copied maps from other map sites.... Gmail? copied... Android? copied... How do they think they have the virtue to assail Apple as not being innovative. Every computer and every smartphone and every tablet today is a direct result of what Apple created out of thin air.
I ripped my cd's back years before iTunes ever came out... Unless they actually scan the audio file I don't have confidence that iTunes Match will work very well at all.
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