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Darn tooting! I had friends on that Death Star
My iMac and MacBook will not be able to run this OS. Not a chance I can justify this to the brain
Anyone try asking for nearby hotels ? Every time I do I get a list of local car dealershipsjQuery18107927145992871374_1348182066783?
Still keeping my 4s but, hopefully ios6 is available immediately and not waiting the week til you can order the next iPhone
Grandpa can you tell me the story about when people went to a store to rent DVDs or buy a computer?
Was just thinking that myself...surprised but, glad to hear that...
Here is to hoping this will bring location services to Canada sooner rather than later. All the Apple info had stated Canada would get those services in 2012...Almost half way through so fingers are crossed. 
It seems to come in bunches where it does it. Usually it will only happen 2 or 3 times in a row but, lately it will take way more times. Appears to happen more often for my wife so not sure how that happens Saw another note that said to pop the power cord at the mag connection. Will try that next time. My concern is if it is physical since my AppleCare runs out this March.
What about using a thumb print as you pick it up ? since there is a camera how about a retina scan, voice reco....Lots of different options here. Let the user pick how they want it unlocked. Self destruct mode would be awesome when you are ready to ask the wife for a new one cuz that one is broken
Oh my God Steve Jobs I want one....gimme gimme gimme. I had no idea I needed it. Pleeeeeeeease give me one... Could be over 2 years away. Don't think I will be following this one too closely. Not to mention Siri does not work in Canada for directions
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