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It seems like the more I see what everyone else has on the market, the happier I am with my iPhone.
this is the kind of thing that makes me feel sick.
also, am i going insane or were these numbers different earlier in the day? did anyone else notice an edit?
yes, they are faster on paper, but didn't the benchmarks just show them to actually be about the same - or slower? i might be wrong, i really don't know a great deal about this sort of thing.
yeah, i see what you mean. it's just odd that they would bother updating the processors with newer models that truth be told aren't much better.i don't know, maybe there are other benefits to these new processors (as AI mentioned the cooler running temp). all i meant by my comment was that these new processors aren't much better speed-wise, and that is disappointing.
these numbers are fairly disappointing.
you just ordered the exact MBP i'll be getting, one of these days.
It's hilarious that people are getting pissed off about the remote no longer being included. I don't know about the rest of you, but personally I have a handful of the damn things at home and rarely use them. if you're already coughing up the big bucks for your MBP who gives a shit about another nineteen bucks. Also it's great to see an apple fan/news site so filled with people who are constantly upset and whining about Apple's choices.
i will run a diagnostics when i get home tonight, and see if that tells me anything - luckily if i do lose any data my macbook has almost all of the exact same data on it.i have an apple store near me, as well as an apple certified reseller. the imac is still under warranty (though i don't have apple care or obviously tech tools), it's only a few months old, so i think any problem should be warranty fixable. i can't think of anything i've done wrong since i have babied...
i checked the RAM, it didn't appear loose or anything and i definitely haven't touched it before. i turned it off and unplugged it before i even opened the RAM door (paranoia), then when i tried to turn it on it did the same thing again. now it turned on but the fan is running full speed the entire time?
New Posts  All Forums: