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I've got an unsightly crack in the plastic on my Macbook's palm rest. I'm out of warranty by now. You think I could I bring this into the Apple store to have it repaired? Who is the "provider" referred to above that would be inspecting this and escalating for coverage by Apple?
Lotus Notes (and the rest of that bundle) is about as "un-Apple" as possible. I dare say that it is even more "un-Apple" than Windows. Preferences in Lotus Notes are scattered across 4-5 menus, the program locks up or simply closes itself without warning, any error message requires me to close the program and RESTART MY MACHINE (no kidding)!Startup time on my 2GZ/dual core/2GB machine at work is about 5-7 minutes. God help us when this crap infiltrates the iPhone.
"The device looks like a blandly modernist building of the mid 80s trying to stand out solely through quirky, unexpected lines." My thoughts exactly.... good God that thing is ugly! Imagine an iPod or MacBook (or car or bike or anything else that is used so closely) coming out in such asymetrical ugliness. Surely the product of too many designers, too many meetings, and too many focus groups. There's probably some rhyme and reason to it somewhere, but first...
Anyone think it would be possible to run some version of Skype on this phone? I've never used it, but remember it being an actual program that had to be installed. It might be interesting if someone could adapt this to run on the iPhone or if a web version was created so users could call other people on Skype for free using the unlimited data plan. Realistic or crazy?
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