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 Are you really going to be that obtuse? Yes, on paper, that is how things work. This is reality, in an economy ruled by emotion & a corporate age where cults of personality hold far more power than ever provided to them on paper. Hence the only reason this is rumor-mill news. One cult of personality is decrying another cult of personality.
 He is the chairman of the board. http://ir.teslamotors.com/directors.cfm
  my guess is that Musk's asking price was higher than Apple thought they would spend doing it themselves.
Derisiveness sells in the US today. If word gets out that Jobs wasn't a horrible person, there may be lower ticket sales... Anyway, i say skip the current movies & find Pirates of Silicon Valley - much more entertaining, and because it was before the 15 year rocket to stardom (aka classic Mac era), i think it is a better depiction of the personalities involved in the birthing of personal computing.
silly NoLamACGuy, *you* asked "what else ya got?"I'm just saying Walmart has 16 GB for $4.97this is also why I still use my 5s, and don't see an upgrade worth making.
i will point you to post #44this is the heart of the issue.
I would think that you know when your subscription expires, and have the forethought to copy your files. honestly, i would hope you have a backup of your files anyway.
commoncents, it is about value. Why has Apple doubled the value of iCloud storage, but decreased the value of iPhone storage? ie the principle, not the $$
  1) in four months of use, the 2016 beta has crashed less than the retail 2011 for me   :) 2) i assume the same scheme as 2011, where after 3 activations with that serial number, you need to waste 45 minutes on the phone with MS support to get them to allow one more activation. This has been a huge pain in an 24x7 environment where HDD were failing, have been swapped out and now we are switching again to SSD....
Don't get all "small, medium, large, super-size, king-size" on us. I am not stuck on nomenclature, just the miserly level of storage Apple is continuing to offer at the first price point. The phones are the same except for the storage capacity, and 16 GB of storage runs me $4.97 at Walmart. Joe Six-pack knows that. I have 25+ 16 GB iPads at work, and they do work well. But, just like the Edu iMacs used to be, the 16 GB iOS devices should be the Business/Edu exception, not...
New Posts  All Forums: