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Bear in mind it only produces 3-5 megawatts. To put that in perspective: Hoover dam hydro plant produces 2080 megawatts Niagara (at the falls) produces 4400 megawatts
two words: "Protected Class"
Good use of the legal system. The ADA is federal law, and if any group is out of compliance with it, this is precisely the way to get compliance. Disabled people know all too well the deaf ear (pun intended) they are met with when ADA non-compliance is broached outside of court - many businesses and municipalities won't spend the money to come into compliance with federal law until the courts force them to.
  really?!? i'll think of you the first time i hear of an average consumer trying to buy a Broadcom SoC product from BestBuy...  This is an OEM product, not a consumer item. 
  agree 100% there are quite a number of inadequacies in the finder, and as someone who has to work in multiple network volumes, creating hundreds of new files and folders every day, these little glitches can get tiresome.
I only hope (wish) that if Apple creates a fitness device, it has more actual physiological use than the competing high tech pedometers out there now. I would love to see things like needle-less lactate monitoring (some big company has *had* to have been following this advancement...) where we can actually get useful training information, rather than less effective heart rate/"calorie burning" type info. Imagine the sales to those late blooming triathletes, bikers,...
Google kept the valuable patents. Hence the low selling price.
Airplay uses lossless transmission.   Bluetooth does not. Whether SBC or aptX, it will be lossy compression.   range is the only other big plus for Airplay. You can extend it as far as you can extend your network (aka, i was able to use a VPN to Airplay from home to work-no real reason other than to try it)
I do believe you would hear the same thing from Sears (appliances), furniture stores, etc. It is a benefit of being a sales tax haven in the midst of the Northeast megalopolis.
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