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target allowed my credit card info to be stolenhome depot allowed my credit card info to be stolen no. not lazy. simply concerned about security.if the US had chip & PIN i would be less concerned. (i have a chip now, but it is pretty much useless without the PIN)
why 12"? 13" too big and 11" too small?? Body & colors aside, i don't understand the sizing at all. Oh, and maybe Apple should go back to the colors of the toilet seat iBooks. They were humble, minimalist and modest, right??
to each their own.but I would always vote for consistent behavior in an operating system.
and thus the reason the inconsistency is so annoying after 10 iterations of OS X
Notes creates documents in the same way Mail does...All can have multiple windows open at once.
The inconsistency of this behavior is what has always annoyed me.  Dictionary, Notes, Disk Utility, Calculator... these all quit when you close the last remaining window.Preview, Mail, Calendar, iTunes... these do not quit when you close the last remaining window.
Default Folder? It was always one of the first utilities i installed!
Interesting, i was using it all day yesterday in the clinic (ophthalmic photography) (27" iMac, late-2013) and didn't notice any fuzziness at all - i was actually quite happy with the quality of the GUI and text in those terms.  I am happy that the fluff and wasted space of the past few versions of OS X are gone/more limited.  I wonder if it is a GPU driver issue or something similar? I've got it installed on an external drive, so i might have to boot it up on some of our...
I bet your blink rate is slowing when you are looking at the new GUI (most likely because you are concentrating on it & its new details more so than the old GUI). It is well established that blink rates slow during periods of concentration, and when blink rates slow, the cornea begins to dry. Coming from the world of ophthalmology, corneal dryness is one of the biggest reasons for tired, stressed, burning, stinging, strange and so one feelings in the eyes. The cornea is a...
  i suppose it depends on what you are doing. here is my workflow:skim through images on file server in the finderdrag & drop an image deeply nested onto the open file dialog box in photoshopphotoshop remembers last location for the dialog box, so i can just hit cmd+O in the application to open another of that series.  so when i am in photoshop and am trying to open one of a series of already filed/organized images, i don't what the "open file" dialog box become a "move...
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