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Hey AI, for equal performance vs. price craziness, you should review the Kate Spade purse with built in charger... https://www.katespade.com/products/everpurse-x-kate-spade-new-york-quentin-stripe-wristlet-pouch/8ARU1067.html Honestly, apart from the acknowledgement of the beauty of a case-shaped battery pack, i say spend almost 1/2 the money & get 5x the capacity with a "generic" (aka not overpriced) battery pack. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00H9BEC8E $20 &...
 then tell the developer to follow the rules of the environment they are developing in/for.   i understand there are some significant walls around iOS, but i also am a user that feels those walls do more good than harm. 
i suppose some people are that tied to their devices.   being a photographer, the use for a desktop screen is pointless, as i want as accurate color representation as possible, not a changing display that matches the ambient "mood".   for my phone? the screen doesn't bother my sleeping, as i don't have it near me.   i also try to restrict my use in areas where i could impact others - elevators, theaters, etc. nothing i do is important enough for me *not* to take the...
  why do you think apple is buying back stock? and google is creating new companies? the idea that companies should shape their companies around shareholders is not one i agree with. there is far too much emotion & games in the market in the 21st century.
  perceptive comment!
I turned off Wifi calling on my 5s - way too much of a drain on battery. I think i will try the cell spot, as TMobile is still spotty in my house.
  or you can interpret it thusly:"Apple supports 4k on capture & production devices, while supporting 1080p on it's home theater consumption device."  The A8 can handle 4k, as shown prior, so it would only require a software update if the time comes. For now, i think concentrating their efforts on content far supersedes a spec war.
Correct, if your vision is better than 20/20. My last measured VA was 20/10 OS & 20/15 OD.Which is exactly what the more detailed webpage explaining the chart (and linked calculator) says. Enter your VA and get a more specific idea. Your VA being better than 20/20 does not discredit the science behind measurement of the resolving power of the human eye."Its just plain wrong".It is not, your assumptions are.It is math.
i don't think *you* seem to be understanding that the resolving power of the human visual system is quantified. while the aforementioned chart deals with the normal of 20/20, or 6/6, vision, you can use the calculator to enter *your* visual acuity (VA) and see where *you* can see differences of specified resolution display systems. yes, it is based on a population-derived "normal" that doesn't imply an absolute "best". but measuring VA is simply measuring the specific...
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