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http://s3.carltonbale.com/resolution_chart.html For the 4K lovers....
you could report it to the DoJ:http://www.justice.gov/atr/report-violations But in reality, a single retailer not carrying certain brands isn't a legal issue.  This is exactly what Costco & BJs and other retailers like them do - limited brands per product category.
my Basis Peak has the same issues. Some activities i cannot get a good heart rate reading during. Hence why when i am actually training, i still wear a chest strap.   The one thing i noticed with the Peak (which uses optical sensors as well) is that my arm hair & the tightness of the band make huge differences in the stability of the heart rate.   In terms of the actual article - going from 140 PM to 80 BPM in an interval training rep vs. rest period seems about right...
my apologies, Tallest Skil.it reads as flippant as I was feeling in the moment, but was a bit overboard.
MaxIT, i agree with that.   It is anecdotal, but more & more median income (family of four, US$50,000 yearly income) families i talk to are opting for family plans for wireless devices for their whole family and having no other form of telecommunication (land line, cable, etc).   It makes sense, as these devices can, for a relatively inexpensive monthly fee, provide telephone, communication, email, web, audio & video entertainment, etc. Heck, my family plan with 4...
  Seagate did own shares of SanDisk at one point, but SanDisk was founded by a couple of Berkeley grads who developed EEPROM in the late '80s and helped build the base of the flash memory industry.
market capitalization is about the same for the two companies - WD $17.3 billion    SanDisk $15.3 billionSanDisk's patent portfolio in terms of solid state storage is probably worth a pretty penny to WD as well. WD earnings are more than 2x SanDisk ($14 billion to $6 billion). However, SanDisk is trending towards increased earnings, WD towards decreased.
  I actually went through this thought process a few years ago with my current AppleTV, and, in the end, was able to run AppleTV -> HDMI -> TV -> passthrough optical audio to surround sound. It works well - my Samsung TV even has the ability to adjust the audio delay +/- a few milli?seconds, though it wasn't necessary. I would recommend seeing if this is an option for your setup (I've got AppleTV, SageTV & an Xbox all hooked up this way via the TV)
 If you are not under contract, and pay month-to-month, your payment will be your acceptance of Sprint's terms.  http://shop2.sprint.com/en/legal/legal_terms_privacy_popup.shtml?ECID=vanity:termsandconditions  "Quality of Service Practices (QoS):  To help protect against the possibility that customers may occupy an unfair share of network resources, unlimited data plan customers who use more than 23GB of data during a billing cycle will be prioritized below other customers...
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